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Wheeled Bags

  • Port Authority Clothing

    Roller Backpack, Shoulder Straps or Wheeled

    BG76S Port Authority Wheeled Backpack Backpack can be carried when using air mesh shoulder straps, or roll with one-handed push button handle that extends to 18 ½-inches & durable inline smooth skate wheels. Easy to handle for stowage,...

    $70.00 $52.52
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  • Ogio

    Rolling Travel Duffel Bags, Wheeled Duffel Bags

    413010 OGIO - Hamblin 30 Wheeled Duffel Almost as fun as skating down an empty airport terminal, these rolling travel duffel bags actually have in-line skate wheels to make your trip as easy as possible. Yes indeed, these wheeled duffel bags have a...

    $207.00 $137.73
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  • Ogio

    Men's Travel Carry On Bags with Wheels

    413018 OGIO Nomad 22 Travel Bag Expandable,lightweight and extremely tough carry-on rolling luggage, designed to help you fly through TSA airport screening lines. These men's travel carry on bags with wheels will ease your day. A great amount of...

    $200.00 $159.95
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  • Ogio

    OGIO Canberra 26" Travel Rolling Bags, Expandable

    413006 OGIO - Canberra 26 Travel Bag Wherever life takes you, allow yourself the comfort you deserve by bringing all of your necessities, in one of these expandable & durable OGIO Canberra 26" travel rolling bags. The interior is fully lined,...

    $300.00 $244.42
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  • Ogio

    Ogio 9800 Travel Bag, Extended Stay Rolling

    421001 OGIO - 9800 Travel Bag When traveling for perhaps a week or longer at a time, this Ogio 9800 travel bag is designed specifically as Extended Stay Rolling Luggage. For that seasoned traveler, technology has caught up to you. Ogio offers SLED...

    $504.00 $333.33
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