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Wheeled Bags

  • Port Authority Clothing

    Roller Backpack, Shoulder Straps or Wheels

    Roller backpack with shoulder straps and inline skate wheels from Port Authority. Backpack can be carried when using air mesh shoulder straps, or roll with one-handed push button handle that extends to 18 ½-inches & durable inline smooth...

    $80.00 $65.65
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  • Ogio

    Rolling Travel Duffel Bags, Wheeled Duffel Bags

    413010 OGIO - Hamblin 30 Wheeled Duffel Almost as fun as skating down an empty airport terminal, these rolling travel duffel bags actually have in-line skate wheels to make your trip as easy as possible. Yes indeed, these wheeled duffel bags have a...

    $207.00 $137.73
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  • Ogio

    Men's Travel Carry On Bags with Wheels

    413018 OGIO Nomad 22 Travel Bag Expandable,lightweight and extremely tough carry-on rolling luggage, designed to help you fly through TSA airport screening lines. These men's travel carry on bags with wheels will ease your day. A great amount of...

    $200.00 $159.95
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  • Ogio

    OGIO Canberra 26" Travel Rolling Bags, Expandable

    413006 OGIO - Canberra 26 Travel Bag Wherever life takes you, allow yourself the comfort you deserve by bringing all of your necessities, in one of these expandable & durable OGIO Canberra 26" travel rolling bags. The interior is fully lined,...

    $300.00 $244.42
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  • Ogio

    Ogio 9800 Travel Bag, Extended Stay Rolling

    421001 OGIO - 9800 Travel Bag When traveling for perhaps a week or longer at a time, this Ogio 9800 travel bag is designed specifically as Extended Stay Rolling Luggage. For that seasoned traveler, technology has caught up to you. Ogio offers SLED...

    $504.00 $333.33
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