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Varsity Jacket, Leather sleeves, Quilted lining

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Varsity jacket that will be a closet favorite long after you have graduated, and this school style is always in fashion even if you have never attended college.

Exterior is made of a luxurious Melton wool and the inside has a quilted lining. Real leather sleeve and pockets. Front is full-snap and the collar; cuffs & bottom hem are made of a high-quality rib knit. 

Colors: Black, Black/Black/Scarlet, Black/Black/White, Black/Burnt Orange, Black/Burnt Orange/Burnt Orange, Black/Burnt Orange/White, Black/Cream/Burnt Orange, Black/Light Gold, Black/Light Gold/Light Gold, Black/Light Gold/White, Black/Scarlet/Scarlet, Black/Scarlet/White, Black/White, Kelly/White, Maroon, Maroon/Maroon/White, Maroon/White, Purple/White, Scarlet, Scarlet/Black/Scarlet, Scarlet/Black/White, Scarlet/Cream, Scarlet/Scarlet/White, Scarlet/True Navy/White, Scarlet/White, True Navy/White, Dark Navy, Dark Navy/Cream/Light Gold, Dark Navy/Dark Navy/Light Gold, Dark Navy/Dark Navy/White, Dark Navy/Light Gold/Light Gold, Dark Navy/White, Dark Purple/White, Dark Royal/Light Gold, Dark Royal/White, Maroon/Light Gold, Myrtle, Myrtle/Black/White, Myrtle/Dark Green/White, Myrtle/White

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, Plus sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

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