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Welcome to our first issue of Shirt Tales. It seems that if we are not thinking about what we will eat or drink next, then our attention is focused on what others are wearing or what style of apparel we will either purchase or put on.

Consumers of food know a great deal about where any or all parts of a meal are grown, how many calories a portion has, whether we are allergic, how good it tastes and most importantly, how much it costs.

The founders of True to Size Apparel have worked in the decorated (screen printed or embroidered custom name or logo) uniform industry since 2001. Gene has long ago learned that almost everyone knows nothing about the features a garment or accessory may have, even though it is listed on the label or website description. To put clothing in a food perspective, we know how good it looks and tastes; yet know nothing about where it is grown or if we are paying for something that we do not want or need.

Readers will want to keep this issue nearby when clothes shopping, as there is an apparel dictionary to assist shoppers who want to know the ingredients / features of a shirt or jacket before purchase. Uniform and event buyers / planners will know more about the decorated garment industry. The additional information will enable many purchasers to be more informed and perhaps get more for less, or at least get what they need with greater speed and quality.

Articles for our magazine are provided by industry experts, suppliers of clothing or decorating services, from professional writers who have knowledge about the topic, and by the employees of True to Size Apparel.

Readers are invited to submit questions or articles via email: . Your permission to publish your article or question is granted to True to Size Apparel by your voluntary email. Do not send any question or article via this email if you are not granting True to Size Apparel authorization to print. Also, we do not offer payment, discounts, services or merchandise for such submissions and questions.