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Personalized Clothing

We are what we wear. Time and effort are required to know a person, and that time may require an investment of many years to get past the façade we can hide behind. When we find other people who have spent time & effort around an individual, then we can learn more about what kind of person they are. If we like what we hear, we can invest the time and effort to determine for ourselves that which makes a life of another worth knowing.

It is with the aforementioned in mind, that first impressions matter. And that starts with what we see. From a distance, a person can be determined by us as an individual we want to know more about, or less. There are a seemingly infinite number of lives that surround us, and a finite amount of time we can afford to invest in knowing about another. Life is too short to waste it, especially when those we already know are seeking more from us.

Your choice of garments is the most visible and easily changed media about you. Long before people hear your voice to determine your personality, how well read or educated you are, etc., what they see tells them a lot about who you want to be or who you are.

Personalized shirts, jackets or hats takes that communication to another level. You can embroider your monogram on or above a pocket or on a cuff, or you can embroider your name or URL on a collar, left chest or center yoke. Embroidery is perceived as the most expensive of decorating choices, and therefore more sophisticated and focused. As a gift, the recipient is likely to appreciate the result a lot more than the garment itself, as you spent more thought, time and money to polish your present.

Screen printing is when ink is applied to a portion of a tote, towel, t-shirt, polo or outerwear where quantities are being decorated. Production has required a minimum order quantity, because of the cost of pre-production where a film & screen are required, and because the machine and space used is expensive. With the invention of DTG (direct to garment) laser printers, we can now print one of something with almost no pre-production or space requirement. The machines cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 today.

Patches are very useful to organizations because they are durable and can be moved from one location or garment to another. Details can be greater & the result can be much more pleasing because the material/backing used to sew upon is denser. Lastly, once you own the patch, it can be removed from a drawer and applied to anything quickly. There is no wait time for someone else to decorate and deliver your uniform or gift. The cost of a patch can be the lowest of all personalization choices. You can save a lot of money and time when investing in patches. They can be names or anything else you can imagine.