Nike Size Chart

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Use our Nike size chart to help you get the right size the first time, the right size every time. Your online buying satisfaction is more likely assured when you use the Nike size chart for each style you are considering, instead of a one-chart-fits-most.

At the bottom of the description for every Nike shirt, jacket, hat or accessory, you will see and can click on a link like this:  Size Chart - you may also find a tab labeled Show Videos on the lower right after the Size Chart link. There are over 600 garment videos available to give you an even greater perspective of how a particular style hangs via our live model video presentations. True to Size Apparel strives to give you the most satisfying online shopping experience ever.

Compare the measurements of a favorite golf shirt or jacket in your closet to the specific Nike style's chart before ordering. If you are buying for a sports team or front office staff, you may want to make the extra effort and buy one item in each of the likely desired sizes. Have staff try them on to get others to buy into the order decision making process, and you will never be sorry about the result.

6,000 stitch name or custom logos are embroidered free on ALL Nike items purchased at True to Size Apparel. In fact we are required to personalize your Nike purchase every time.