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Decoration of a monogram is done by embroidery. These logos are usually positioned above a pocket on the left chest, on the pocket without sewing all the way through, thereby closing the pocket, on a front collar, or on a sleeve's cuff. People or companies ordering for a promotional giveaway are likely to choose a corner. We have programs with hotels and auto dealers where a robe is personalized and delivered to specific customers who are frequent buyers or order a minimum dollar amount.

The most popular style uses three letters that represent a person's initials. You can use two letters or three. When you select three initials, most oftentimes the center initial of monograms is larger than those characters on both sides, and that center letter is of the person's last name.

You may prefer the use of the third character for your last name's initial, and must therefore communicate your preference before permanently decorating apparel or accessories with an irreversible design.

Just like any other embroidery, you can create your own style and ask that it be digitized & sewn exactly to match your customized art. You can also save money by ordering the "house" font(s). Selection of script versus block matters also. 

Monogram sizes may be as large as 11-inches wide by 7.5-inches high.


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