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Embroidered Patch Order Guide


How to order Patches

There are only seven steps to successfully order embroidered patches. These steps are very easy to follow when you use our Embroidered Patch order guide.


  1. Determine the patch size & shape
  2. Select up to seven thread and background fabric colors
  3. Estimate how much of the surface area will be embroidered, either full or partial
  4. Stitch type, satin, running, fill and puff
  5. Backing type, choose none, adhesive, plastic, heat seal, velcro or nonwoven fabric
  6. Border can be merrow, hot knife cut, satin stitch border or cut
  7. Quantity can be anywhere from the 50 piece minimum to 100,000

Fabric color chart

Thread color chart

Embroidered patch case studies


Send us your artwork with your choice, quantity desired (minimum 50), then include your choices from the seven steps and you will get a quote within one business day.

Shipping And Returns

Shipping to any destination anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico is free for garment & accessory orders of $80 or greater. Cost of decoration (screen printing, embroidery) are not included when determining shipping costs. All orders are shipped FedEx or UPS Ground unless upgraded & paid for by the customer or for no extra charge to USPS Priority Mail at TSA’s sole discretion.

TO RETURN: Log into your account and complete the return option, fill out the form on CONTACT US, click REPLY to the order email sent by TSA, email or call 541.359.2268. We need your order number or the name the order was used to place that order. Tell us what you wish to do. Your request will be replied to promptly on all weekdays, excluding national holidays.