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Custom embroidered patches for clothes

At True to Size Apparel, YOU get

  • Factory Direct Wholesale Prices
  • Low 50 Piece Minimums
  • Fast 3 Week delivery
  • 1 sample patch (example 2.5" x 4") is $60, additional patches for a small order are $10 each.

To ask for a price quotation for custom embroidered patches for clothes. Tell us approximately how many patches you are looking for and provide the dimensions for your custom logo uniforms .

Your patches order for ships from China. You get the cheapest prices on Earth. Orders are delivered in about three weeks from receipt of approval of the art and payment.

Count on True to Size Apparel if you seek an alternative to customized, removable patches. The big advantage to the use of custom embroidered patches for clothes for band and other uniforms is that a patch is reusable. The garment may need to be replaced, but you can save money by removing the patch and sewing it onto the new bag or garment.

There is also a cost benefit due to the volume of patches you can purchase and use over longer length of time. Read the various free books and discover the detail, options and opportunity to using this form of decorating.

Custom embroidered patches for clothes

patches-for-clothes-iron-on1.gifGirl Scouts and Boy Scouts unite! The time has come for your vivacious badges to leap off vests and sashes and on to clothing that the rest of us can enjoy. There was a lot of jealousy there for a minute that only the scouts could rock such apparel, but the jealousy has passed especially since True to Size Apparel has made patches for clothes so easy to add. Four basic varieties of steps: stick. iron. sew. rip. Extra step: look really really ridiculously good looking. It depends on what kind of event/work place you're planning on wearing the patch to, especially since some are a lot more permanent than others. The "Stick it" variety are probably the best for temporary wear, a great investment for a birthday or a night out on the town with friends. They're also perfect for afternoon workplace events. If you're in it for the long haul, the "Sew it" variety are the way to go. Set your workplace uniform apart from the others with fun, colorful adhesives. Many different industries utilize patches because they add a little oomph to every uniform. They're a great place to take advantage of monogramming.  They take all the exertion out of the process by also offering digitizing services.

Stick it. Patches with adhesive backing are popular for special events. Pressure adhesive backing. Temporary and removable. Can be sewn on for permanent application.

Iron it.
AKA "heat seal" patches are great for uniforms. Standard heat-seal backing for heat press or iron on application of patches to most garments.

Sew it. Plastic backing helps to prevent patch from fraying by adding structure

Rip it. Velcro it so that you can wear a different "hat" for different occasions. Includes male and female sides of velcro. Available in black, white and tan.

Order Guide
1. Use this size chart to determine your patch size.

Overall patch size is: width (W) + height (H) divide by 2. Fractions are rounded up to the nearest 1/2 inch.


To quote you will need to provide the following information:

1. What date do you need to receive your order by?
2. How many patches do you need?
3. What garment are you planning to attach it to? (hat, bag, shirt, uniform, pants, etc.)
4. Will this patch be industrially cleaned or laundered?


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