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Corporate Logo Apparel





  • Choose any combination of body or trim colors to showcase your team or corporation, from styles 491, 495, 496, 551, 569, and 669; 11 stock color choices for the body and for the accent.
  • Perfect for team sports, clubs bands and staff.
  • Great for corporate apparel and events.
  • Only five dozen minimum, stock colors.
  • Custom color matching is also available.
  • Built in the USA.
  • Tuff-Pil Plus 100% acrylic fiber holds up to whatever you throw at it.
  • High-tech acrylic fiber with lo-pil performance
  • Colors stay true
  • Easy care. Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Ask our customer service department which styles of Edwards Garment sweaters are a part of this program!

True to Size Apparel'
s Custom Apparel Manufacturing Program lets you create corporate uniforms and identity apparel completely to your specifications - from special colors to buttons with logos, from private labels to branded taping. And our experts will guide you through it all. Take the headache and hassle out of overseas ordering, let us take care of it for you!


Rely on True to Size Apparel's experience and established relationships to produce top-notch custom apparel at aggressive prices! (Our general minimum for custom orders is 1200 pieces.)



We have several specials tonight...

No matter whats on the menu, custom attire brings restaurants a classy edge. Whether its for a pizza chain or a five star affair, we offer a host of options.

Add zest to the classic polo with custom restaurant colors. Sebastians Crab House has selected a snappy crimson polo with contrasting navy placket. Theyve given their critter logo top billing with embroidering on the chest and their mascot on the sleeve. All of this is done under Sebastians own private label.

The long sleeve ladies shirt is a true superstar. Sebastians not only showcases their logo on the chest, notice that its tastefully embroidered on the cuff as well. Even the buttons have been customized for Sebastians. Sebastians keeps their uniforms sparkling with a handsome logoed apron that displays their crab with pride.



Start your engines...

Vroooom! For those watching the pit and those cheering from the stands, custom racing clothing and accessories bring it to the next level.

Team colors and racing checks make this polo come alive. Customizing makes it possible to display not only the teams driver number (on the chest) but the sponsor as well (on the collar and sleeve).

A button-down option features side checks and contrasting colors divided by a sleek white piping. Dyed-to-match buttons ensure a clean look.

Accessories like the Team Port Authority duffle bags and hats are perfect on and off the raceway. SanMar can logo bags in a myriad of ways and add special details like this duffles striking red and black colors and smooth integrated logos. Visors such as the one shown here can feature a logo on the bill, racing flags and checks.



Do you want paper or plastic...

Choices. There are countless ways for a grocery to tailor its look and sharpen its image to the community. The Joes Market specialized fleece vest proudly displays a logo on the front and on the side tab along with a cool branded zipper and colorful trim.

Also check out the popular polo option - perfect for behind the register or through the aisles. It features unique corporation coloring and trim in addition to a prominent logo.

Hats are a practical must have and there are a hundred ways to customize them. Shown here, Joes Market has emblazoned their logo not only on the front, but also on the back closure.

For a complete and consistent head-to-toe look, Joes Market has added matching custom pants and shorts.

REFUSALS: All orders are custom and are not subject to refusal once production samples and/or sew-outs have been approved.

CHANGES: Revisions to orders may only be made prior to start of production and must be done in writing.

RETURNS & CLAIMS: Any shortages or defective merchandise over our 2% damage allowance must be made within ten days of receipt of goods. Only verified defective merchandise or merchandise not in agreement with the purchase order will be accepted for credit.

SHIPPING: Orders ship twice, once from the manufacturer to the embroiderer / screen printer, then once again from the embroiderer / screen printer to the customer. On merchandise orders of $300 or more (excluding white t-shirts),we give free freight ONCE, from the manufacturer to the embroiderer / screen printer. The customer is charged for the second time their order is shipped, which is from the embroiderer / screen printer to the customer.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure all ship-to addresses have been verified and properly spelled on the order form. Any additional freight charges stemming from shipment of your order will be billed to you.

Corporate Logo Apparel