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Video Chat - Ultimate Online Customer Service.

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We are the first, if not only, clothing and custom logo retailer to provide the very best customer service by providing Face-to-Face Live Video chat to customers. Our customer service department can be seen by you on any desktop or mobile device. You decide if that communication is one way (you see us - we do not see y you) or two-way (you click on a permission link so that we can see you and perhaps a garment or logo you want to talk about). We can:

  • Co-browse - help you find a product or information in a live session using a web browser to view web pages in a synchronized manner
  • Content sharing - We can share and review documents or images in real-time with customers, as if you are sitting with us around the very same table. No need to email size charts, etc. when we can click and drag them instantly to your monitor.
  • Snapshots - We can take snapshots as necessary while your video is shown of something you want us to see for proof or ideas. No more waiting for the customer to take a picture and email.

We offer solutions to businesses seeking a competitive advantage, answering the question “Who do you want to be?” First and lasting impressions can be made by the choices of apparel style, color and decoration. A uniform is an excellent canvas from which to brand an individual and a company. Our innovations include live video chat, online logo prices, 600+ product video and free e-books written to help businesses increase profits by lowering costs.

True to Size Apparel does not sell, rent, loan, lease or trade personnal information collected on our website to any third party.

Category: Embroidery, Screen printed custom logo uniform clothing for business and teams.

FREE delivery upgrade on all orders to California, Washington, Oregon
from Economy - US Parcel Post - 5 to 9 Days to FedEx Ground & FedEx Home delivery
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Founded in 2004, Family Owned


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