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Company Uniforms with Logo


Video11 True to Size Apparel Company Uniforms with Logo

Company uniforms with logo from True to Size Apparel. Decorating your employee shirts, hats, caps and jackets is an ideal method of providing customers with a visual clue that most customers are familiar with. The customer can easily sort other buyers waiting for help from your helpful front of office staff.

We all know that the quality of that decoration does a lot in telegraphing what kind of business they are buying from. Think of a logo as your silent sales person. Here is the second best chance to enhance the overall communication & interaction, that should lead to a satisfying result, from which word of mouth and loyalty occurs.

Keep your logo simple, easily understandable and easy to find. Do use a contrasting thread color. Do not use too small a font nor artistic flourish that cannot be easily seen, when compared to ink / screen printing.

You owe it to yourself to review your uniform program by asking new vendors in the embroidery logo trade for a sewn logo and price. Take the time and expense to have that new or several new embroidery companies to:

  • re-digitize your logo
  • sew that logo onto one of existing styles and color from your uniform plan
  • wash and wear that item 2 or 3 times
  • compare the logo's ability to resist pucker or other flaw

If you are buying thousands of dollars per year for your company uniform plan, you can certainly afford to buy the aforementioned & test to assure that your overall annual garment expense is giving your organization the biggest return possible. Price and quality share the #1 criteria for final selection. Try to do this careful process every three years. Taking your time to get this right will pay out a very high ROI in many ways. #CustomLogo


Shipping And Returns

Shipping to any destination anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico is free for garment & accessory orders of $80 or greater. Cost of decoration (screen printing, embroidery) are not included when determining shipping costs. All orders are shipped FedEx or UPS Ground unless upgraded & paid for by the customer or for no extra charge to USPS Priority Mail at TSA’s sole discretion.

TO RETURN: Log into your account and complete the return option, fill out the form on CONTACT US, click REPLY to the order email sent by TSA, email or call 541.359.2268. We need your order number or the name the order was used to place that order. Tell us what you wish to do. Your request will be replied to promptly on all weekdays, excluding national holidays.