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Wholesale Embroidery Pricing. Everyone :True to Size Apparel

Wholesale Embroidery Pricing. Everyone :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Wholesale Embroidery Pricing

Everyone is looking for a good deal and buyers of custom logo embroidery are no different in that regard. There are different price levels for goods & services, starting with Premium, then Retail, Discount, Wholesale and ending at Cost or Cost plus. When shopping for wholesale embroidery pricing, there are factors to consider.

A premium price is for a shopper who is in a hurry and is willing to pay a price above retail, a premium price to get a good or service at a delivery speed that is much quicker than typical. Getting to the front of the line has its price.

The retail price list for a good or service is what a seller desires to receive. Buyers pay retail when they buy in small quantities, such as one of something or when they are uncomfortable asking for a discount at time of purchase. In almost any industry, including embroidery or screen printing, it takes more time and effort to satisfy a small order than it does a large order. Time is an expense as it is a measure of productivity and is known as salary on a balance sheet. When talking to senior managers of almost any kind of business I have learned that large order buyers are experienced and know what they are looking to purchase and thusly the time and effort to satisfy that customer is relatively insignificant. Large order buyers earn a discount primarily because the expense of handling that order is reduced.

Our wholesale prices are lower than a discount in most industries. Sellers usually offer wholesale prices to resellers and retailers, who then add a profit margin and sell that service or good to the end user or consumer. There are some business models used by wholesale sellers who have chosen to eliminate the reseller and retailer and sell directly to the end user / consumer. Those who use such a business model try to leverage the word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers to aid in their selling efforts and to minimize their marketing / selling costs so that their prices are lower than the resellers & retailers.

The cost plus pricing or cost price level is enjoyed by such companies as Costco. That business model is rarely used because most do not have the infrastructure such as Costco's membership fee income to make that work and/or the management is lacking in cost containment experience.

That being said, True to Size Apparel sells custom logo embroidery at wholesale prices. True to Size Apparel has embroidery contract agreements with several companies that sell their embroidery services. True to Size Apparel ships apparel directly to these contract embroidery companies who complete the embroidery service and ship directly to the customer when the order is completed.

For customers who are willing to pay a premium price for rush service, they are in luck when they shop True to Size Apparel for embroidery and clothing for their team or staff. True to Size Apparel never charges a rush charge, ALL orders are considered to be rush. For buyers who need a few or one of something embroidered, they never pay retail as everyone gets the wholesale price for their order regardless of order quantity.

You get more than you pay for when you order uniforms for events, conventions and staff uniforms every time you buy at True to Size Apparel.