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Wholesale Embroidery Pricing, Custom :True to Size Apparel

Wholesale Embroidery Pricing, Custom :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Wholesale Embroidery Pricing, Custom Embroidery by Gene Constant

The most frequent purchases we make are for food and clothing. When you are ready to buy apparel for your company, team, family or yourself; please go online and consider True to Size Apparel. Shop over 2,000 styles, 40+ name brands at a discount. No minimum wholesale embroidery services, pricing and financing are available.

Wholesale Embroidery

Embroidery costs consist of several elements.

The advantage of shopping online is that you can compare thousands of companies and learn where the right price is for the desired service.

Embroidery prices

Embroidery cost has everything to do with the stitch count.

The stitch count is the number of stitches it takes to sew your customized logo per garment. That price includes the amortization of the embroidery machine’s total operating life cost, the embroidery machine operator, unpacking a box with your garments or bags, count and confirm quantity – size – colors are present, loading the DST or EMB custom logo file into the embroidery machine, reading the order instructions regarding location of the logo and thread colors, hooping your clothes and placement under the embroidery head, loading the correct thread color(s) in the correct needle, removing that hoop when your logo has been sewn, trimming unwanted threads from the logo, trimming or tearing the tearaway or cutaway stabilizing fabric on the inside of the garment or bag (used on light weight fabric), steam ironing if needed, folding, packaging, and shipping. $2.99 for 5,000 stitches at True to Size Apparel. Regarding our price list, most logos are less than 4 inches wide, and require no more than 5,000 stitches. Add 60¢ per unit of 1 to 1,000 stitches per logo on each garment. It is that simple.

Setup / digitizing

This service is where you create and or provide a camera ready logo, and save it in a file format such as a JPG, GIF, PDF, or similar common form that most others can open.

The embroidery process is such that your custom logo is scanned and converted to a DST or EMB file. That DST or EMB file is a machine executable file that instructs sophisticated multi-head embroidery equipment as to how to operate. These embroidery machines may have twelve needles, twelve heads capable of embroidering as many as twelve hats, shirts, jackets or bags simultaneously.

Expect to get the highest quality every time at True to Size Apparel. In the embroidery industry there are some dishonest vendors who will not have as dense of logo as could be sewn. Your thin logo may cost them less to sew and you may never know the quality that could have been yours.

Getting it right is more important to True to Size Apparel than getting the order. Your pricing from us is lower than most commercial embroiders contract price list to resellers, yet your quality is likely to be greater. Don’t you just LOVE a win-win?  We do!

$25.00 for ANY size logo at True to Size Apparel. Most embroiderers price for digitizing / setup is based on the stitch count and that price can be somewhere between $50 to $165 – except at True to Size

Sew out of your logo
Once your logo has been sewn onto a piece of fabric (known as a sew out), most customers are content to receiving a JPG or PDF via email. If you are on a very tight timeline that may be all you can do.

When working with a new logo, a new version of your existing logo or with a new embroiderer, you should find the time or expect to pay to see and touch your logo sewn on a piece of fabric. If you have the time and money, you should consider buying one of the shirts, jackets, or bags you want to custom embroider and get the actual finished item delivered.
To produce a sew out, the embroiderer must have a DST or EMB file of your finished logo and know the thread colors.

If you are very particular on the shade of a color, you should provide the PMS number so that the embroiderer can find an exact or close match to that PMS color. If you do not provide that PMS color and just say something like bright red or dark green, then the embroiderer will make the choice for you.

FREE Sew Out
Sent via US Priority Mail when you order from True to Size Apparel. Most embroiderers will charge up to $50 for a sew out.

Scheduled Embroidery
How soon do you want your order once it has been placed?
The more time you have in the order process to avoid error by being in a hurry, the less stress to you and your organization.

Known to many as Murphy’s Law, count on bad weather, equipment failure, shipping error, human error when you absolutely have no time to suffer from it. 

True to Size Apparel ships from Oregon. If you are in Florida (for example), it will take FedEx ground about seven days to be delivered to you once your order ships. Add 2 days for bad weather.
Most orders ship within seven business days after receipt of your order, approval of sewn logo and payment.

Delivery of your wholesale custom logo embroidery order is as high priority for True to Size Apparel as the quality.
For all destinations in the 48 continental United States, orders are shipped via FedEx Ground.
Orders of $80 or greater ship for FREE via FedEx Ground to any of the 48 states.

NO Minimum Quantity
We do not discriminate on the basis of volume. Yes, True to Size Apparel will embroider one item and give you the same price and speed of delivery.

Rush embroidery
All orders are marked RUSH at True to Size Apparel.
We do not offer a RUSH service nor a RUSH price.
True to Size Apparel usually ships within seven business days after receipt of your logo sew out approval and payment.

ALL orders are RUSH
Count on True to Size Apparel’s Wholesale custom embroidery pricing. No minimum order requirement.

Product and service videos
True to Size Apparel has published more than five hundred videos on YouTube and on our shopping cart. The goal at True to Size Apparel is to provide a video of every garment and bag on our online

Virtual shopping satisfies most questions regarding fit and finish of clothing, allowing customers to shop online and getting their order right the first time.

No other embroidery company does more to satisfy a customer the first time.

An industry leader. True to Size Apparel is the ONLY custom logo uniform supplier to exhibit at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and only one of a handful to exhibit at the International Restaurant Association in Chicago.

Financing available. Wear Today – Pay Later

  • No Payments for six months
  • No Interest for six months
  • For orders of $99 or greater