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What is Embroidery. I have recently :True to Size Apparel

What is Embroidery. I have recently :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

What is Embroidery

I have recently discovered that a lot of people are asking what is embroidery, and I am more than happy to answer. Embroidery is the sewing of thread onto a fabric for the purpose of creating a design. Kind of like adding paint to canvas to create a painting, embroidery is also art, trading ink for strands of thread. Some embroidery can be very elaborate such as found on very expensive wedding dresses or other event apparel.

Those strands of thread create patterns, designs and text. Embroidery is done by hand and by sewing machines designed for that exact purpose. An embroidery machine sews designs onto canvas, nylon and other completed pieces of fabric. This unique sewing machine has a single purpose and cannot sew buttons, zippers, or such. An embroidery machine embroiders. What makes an embroidery machine work is the use of a software program that gives it instructions as to how to move the fabric that is held in place under the needles. That software program is known as either "digitizing" or "setup" and it is an executable software file that only has the one design created for a specific order.

Many customers think of "digitizing" as a JPG, BMP or GIF file as they are digital, but the correct way to think of an embroidery digitizing file, known as a DST or EMB file is to think of it as a small computer program.

These embroidery machines can have one head, such as the family sewing machine or they can have twelve heads and weigh several tons. The production machines will have as many as twelve needles and each needle can hold a different color of thread.

Thread is soft unlike the sharp edges seen when printing with ink and thread comes in solid colors, so unlike ink you cannot get variations of a color such as fading when trying to reproduce a photograph or logo. Thread is also limited as to color choices as fabric is dyed, held in inventory and the color result may not be precise due to what is known as "dye lot", while ink can be mixed on the spot and ink colors range in the millions and are precise.

Whether you are looking for something extraordinary like a wedding dress or embroidery throughout a jacket or similar garment, or just a simple name or company logo, be sure to shop around as custom orders needs to be understood by the customer and embroiderer to avoid time loss and money cost.

Give True to Size Apparel a careful look and call if you need answers to your embroidery questions.