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Urban Clothing for Men: What’s in this :True to Size Apparel

Urban Clothing for Men: What’s in this :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Urban clothing for men, whats in this year

One popular style of dressing for men is urban or hip hop fashion. Basically, it is the kind of fashion characterized by sneakers and baggy or large jeans. Nowadays, however, urban fashion has been redefined.

What is Urban Fashion?

In today’s highly advanced society, urban fashion does not have to mean the 90s rap look – pants that almost fall down from the waist, or those colorful bandanas you use as accessories. Today, urban clothing means clothes that you can wear anytime, anywhere; and clothes that you are comfortable wearing. Even without the low slung jeans and sneakers, men can still wear street fashion, which is basically what urban wear is all about.

To give you an idea of what type of urban clothing for men will hug the fashion spotlight this 2014, here are some examples.

Urban Clothing for Men

•    Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets will never be out-of-fashion. Well, the old school ones, that is. Men should look for a varsity-inspired jacket for their outerwear. Did you have one in college? Or maybe you’ll find one in Dad’s cabinet? Tweak your old varsity jacket a little and go out into the streets feeling all warm, comfortable and in fashion.

•    Mix the Classic With the New

Go for old looking jeans (not the low slung ones, please!) and pair it with a good long sleeved shirt (a turtleneck) and a simple tweed jacket. Finish your look with your favorite boots.

You can also go for dark colored jeans (folded at the end), white shirt and a zippered, bright colored jacket (tweed, wool or leather).

•    Trousers and Colored Sneakers

It will also be nice to see men wearing trousers and colored sneakers. It’s the classic combination of the slightly formal and the casual or streetwise. Wear your suit the way you want it, but make sure it has a good cut, quality material and just the right color (gray or something similar). Look for a good quality cotton shirt. Pair this off with clean looking colored sneakers. You can match your sneaker color/s with the ones on your shirt.

You can also substitute your suit jacket with a faux sheepskin jacket.

•    Colored Men’s Shorts

In the past, men’s shorts have always been of the same color: black, blue, khaki (camouflage), or gray. For 2014, be bolder. Go for colored shorts. Choose hues that you’re comfortable with: reds, greens and perhaps some neons. This is the literal way of looking hot!

•    Plain and Simple But Detailed Shirts

You don’t need to wear loud colored shirts to look urban or streetwise. Go for the simple look, but choose the ones with details. Contrasting details are cool for urban clothing. A dark blue, long sleeved denim-like shirt with snap buttons has the right contrast: denim quality – snap buttons.

Your plain t-shirts do not have to be boring, too. Look for those with tiny details like small pipe prints on the shoulder or a fake pocket. Stay away from flower printed shirts, though. Instead, look for plaid shirts in bold color combinations (red and green or blue and green). Choose the right material, too. Tweed for the cold months and something lighter for the summer season.

Getting the urban look or street fashion does not mean overhauling your wardrobe or slashing off the sleeves of your shirt. It doesn’t mean buying pants that are three sizes too big for you. It’s about finding a style that makes you feel comfortable and clothes that represent who you are.