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T-shirts with Pockets | True to Size Apparel

T-shirts with Pockets | True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 23rd Apr 2018

T-Shirts with Pockets

A T-Shirt is one of the most enduring modern, style statement-making apparel for men all over the world. Apart from being a multi-seasonal, lightweight and breathable garment, it is much easy to handle as compared to formal shirts. The T-shirt is the one of the most versatile attire which bodes well for winters as well as summers when you are looking for something casual and easy-going. You can wear it under a jacket or parka in winters or put them over your favourite jeans or shorts in summers; it is sure to make you feel comfortable.

All things said, T-shirts are loved for the comfort and simplicity they offer. But is it possible to improve this already incredible piece of clothing? Well, there is a fantastic way to accentuate your style statement without going overboard, T-shirts with pockets. Not only does a t-shirt with pocket makes an excellent fashion choice, but it also offers incredible functional utility, as clear from the following points: 

  • Next best thing to a Shirt – Well as they say, “the breed of chivalrous male is nearly extinct”. No better way to counter the nay-sayers, than donning an amazingly cool T-shirt with pockets. It is the next best thing to a formal shirt and would you not like to hand out a handkerchief to the damsel in distress, straight out of your t-shirt pocket.
  • Keep that pen handy – What can offer you the freedom from hassles of wearing a shirt but retain that eloquent style? Well, the answer is simple “T-Shirt with Pocket”.You can maintain all that swagger that a shirt offers, yet to let go of all the hassles it entails by wearing a comfortable T-shirt with a pocket.
  • Plus, you need not search through all your pockets to find that cherished pen of yours when you need it the most. Just place your hand next to your heart and grab that pen straight out of your t-shirt pocket.
  • How about some change: - Eating your favourite pie, but got your hands all messy? Feel like having another one but can’t find the tissue to clean up all the mess from your hands and now have no other option than to ruin your trousers? Well, hoaw about grabbing some change from your t-shirt pocket conveniently without messing rest of your dress. Sounds like some fun, isn’t it?

  • Where’s my Parking ticket: -Oh hell, time to get out of the car park but can’t remember where you kept the parking ticket? Well, with a t-shirt with a pocket, you know where to keep your parking ticket and other documents handy without having to navigate through the endless maze of your trouser pockets.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Need more reasons to be convinced? Well, there is nothing better than grabbing a cool T-shirt with a pocket and feel the magic for yourself.