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The best Embroidery Websites. A common:True to Size Apparel

The best Embroidery Websites. A common:True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

The Best Embroidery Websites

A common search phrase when seeking a vendor for custom logo embroidery is embroidery websites. As with almost anything on the internet, not all embroidery websites are created equal. As you search for the best embroidery websites, True to Size Apparel would welcome your consideration and hopefully earn your business.

There are about 150,000 embroidery companies in the United States, servicing about six billion dollars in annual sales. Your goal is to create your own luck, to find the right mix of price, quality and speed of delivery. I like to make myself a checklist of what my expectations are before I begin a search for any vendor, just as if I were going shopping at the grocery store.

True to Size Apparel stands out as one of the top ten embroidery websites for a number of factors. When you go to True to Size Apparel, a free Embroidery Buyer's Guide is available for download without any obligation to buy. A free online logo design studio is also there for you to enhance your existing logo or to create a new one. That logo design studio also creates a mock-up so that you can show the embroidery vendor approximately WHERE to sew your logo, and the design studio creates a PNG file so that your finished art can be digitized.

You will want a sew out / proof of your logo sewn on a fabric to assure yourself of the colors, quality and final size. That proof is Free and can be emailed in a few days. A physical sewn fabric can be mailed if you have the time to receive one. The purpose of the proof is to eliminate unwelcome surprises and to confirm the appearance of your logo when finished in a thread media.

Now that you have your logo and have saved a lot of money on digitizing (you get free digitizing when the garment order is $500 or greater), the selection is impressive as there are over 2,000 styles to shop. Looking for a polo shirt? There are over 100 styles to look over.

Imagine, you have done all of this on the internet! In the old days you would drive to a nearby embroidery supplier or they would drive to your office with samples. Your order was only as good as they were. Now you can shop thousands of embroidery suppliers on the internet and the results will be very satisfying.

Embroidery ordering online has never been easier or more satisfying than when you select True to Size Apparel as your team or business uniform supplier.