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Shirt Embroidery Online. Whether you :True to Size Apparel

Shirt Embroidery Online. Whether you :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Shirt Embroidery Online

Whether you need one or a few hundred polo or dress shirts custom embroidered with your logo, you can do that quickly online and save a lot of money in the process. When ordering shirt embroidery online, you need an idea as to what you want embroidered on the shirt, a shirt style with colors and sizes, and where you want that embroidery to be sewn.

Step one is to download the free embroidery buyer's guide online at True to Size Apparel. The guide is a quick read and you will know a thing or two about embroidery before you select the company you are going to order from. Next item on your to-do list is to pick a shirt style. There is more to shirt buying than style, as some of the fabrics used today are more than eye candy, some fabrics can save you money or give greater comfort. Call the customer service department at True to Size Apparel if you want the 411 on all of that.

Staying with your shirt selection, if you have the time it would be best to buy a few shirts in different sizes and have some staff try them on. Once you alter a shirt with embroidery you own it, and it is an expensive lesson you do not have to pay for if you order some shirts ahead of time for size comparisons. There is no such thing as true to size and one style's "medium" may be another style's "small", etc. You can always send the shirts back to be included in your embroidery order so the only expense you may have is shipping.

If your shirts are for an event or team and you do not have a logo yet, never fear, as True to Size Apparel has a free logo design studio. You can create your own vision online at your convenience and get helpers to look over your shoulder while doing it. You also get to create a mock-up, which helps confirm exactly WHERE you want that logo to be embroidered.

Location, location, location. That is a term not reserved exclusively for real estate agents! Logos are placed on the wearer's left chest above the pocket if there is one, on the upper back yoke, sleeves if they are short, right chest for names, and my personal favorite position - the collar.

At True to Size Apparel, all quotations for shirt embroidery are completed in one day. All customers get a free sew out of their logo emailed to them for approval before work begins. If you have the time, a sewn logo on fabric can be mailed for a modest cost.

Say hello to our policy of no minimum order requirements and free shipping.