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Shirt Embroidery, Custom logo shirts :True to Size Apparel

Shirt Embroidery, Custom logo shirts :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Shirt Embroidery

Kind of sketchy as to why any company would combine a break room with a bath room. Not sure how much efficiency is gained, but it does save money on furniture!

Nothing we can do about your company’s productivity solutions. True to Size Apparel can do a lot to improve your productivity and, to sell your firm’s brand with custom logo embroidered uniforms.

Polo shirts for work with a custom logo shirt embroidery. The most popular garment utilized for business uniforms is the polo shirt.

Reasoning is simple enough. Employees furnish a specific color pant or skirt, such as black or beige, the company provides the branded polo shirt.

True to Size Apparel offers about 100 styles of name brand polo shirts in all types of fabrics and colors.
There is a lot to think about when picking a polo shirt for the first time. Price is always a consideration, but you are selling the process short if you do not consider the environment in which the shirt is to function.

Temperature, safety colors, gender similar styles, sizes of polo shirts (some styles will not support sizes 3xl or larger, or extra small), color fast, etc. There is a lot of technology built into many of the fabrics, so you may want to look through our Apparel Dictionary to find a fabric feature that may save you money in replacement or maintenance costs.

Name Brands at a discount.Name Brands, 33% off Retail every day. Dozens of styles of dress shirts and polo shirts, sizes extra small to 10XL

  • Augusta Sportswear
    Eddie Bauer
    Port Authority Clothing
    Ultra Club

You are making a big, expensive decision when buying uniforms for your business. Take some time and get it right. Haste makes waste.

Spend a bit on shipping and get a few different sizes and perhaps more than one color.

Show the shirts to staff and get their opinions, and make sure the sizes fit as expected. Custom embroidered shirts are not returnable if you buy sizes that do not fit.  

If you have never seen your logo when it is embroidered (which is different looking than when ink printed), you need to invest some time.

If you have seen your logo as an embroidery, great! If you are working with a new embroidery company, get a sew out from THEM to confirm quality, color, timely execution, communication and price.

True to Size Apparel’s price to digitize ANY size logo is only $25 and that is a onetime price. Your logo is embroidered on a fabric and mailed US Priority. That mailing is FREE to you. That logo will be worked and reworked as many times as it takes to make YOU happy. Do not make a mistake and accept the emailed proof, as all computer screens render color somewhat differently and you may not like the color you receive. Unless you specify a PMS color thread, the baby / unwanted logo result is yours to hold for as long as the shirts last.

Almost everyone likes their custom embroidered logo on the wearer’s left chest.

Chest logo sizes range from 3 inches to 3.75 inches wide. Square logos range from 1.5 inches to 2 inches, and circular logos tend to run from 2 inches to 2.5 inches in diameter. Full back logos can go up to 11 inches x 11 inches.

Other locations to consider include the left, right, center back collar, the yoke, right chest and cuff. Some shirt cuffs are too narrow to accommodate an embroiderer’s hoop, so confirm that a service can be done before getting emotionally invested in an idea that cannot work. When you see logos on some shirt sleeves, that logo embroidery is often done before the shirt is assembled.

$2.99 per shirt, per location is the online True to Size Apparel price to any customer for any quantity, assuming your logo is 5,000 or fewer stitches (most are). You can custom embroider as few as one (no minimum order quantity requirement)  and we’ll get it done.

$25 onetime digitizing / setup of any size logo.

An Industry leader, True to Size Apparel is the ONLY custom logo uniform supplier to exhibit at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and only one of a handful to exhibit at the International Restaurant Association in Chicago.