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Printing cost reduction ideas for firms:True to Size Apparel

Printing cost reduction ideas for firms:True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Reducing printing costs tips for businesses. There are many ways to cut printing costs in the workplace, and the primary tip is that Buying more to pay less may cost you too much.

As Operations Manager for the savings & loan, I managed an in-house print shop and purchased forms from vendors, when the need for specialized bindery or multi-colored printing was needed. The most obvious expense was that of waste, as we discarded an average of $40,000 worth of unwanted forms per month, because of three factors:

1.Almost every new department or division manager felt compelled to re-do their forms, often indicating their predecessor lacked the competence to properly design these documents.

2.Inexperienced users over-estimated needs.

3.Previous procurement staff was too preoccupied with obtaining the lowest cost through volume buying, and forgot the cost of either storage or destruction.

Regarding factor #1, managers were seldom concerned with an expense that did not come directly out of their departmental or personal budget. At this organization, inventory was charged to the Materials Department, and then, as the users needed supplies, their department was charged for only their immediate needs. This policy resulted in frequent change and complex/multicolored forms.

Two solutions to this lack of concern is to (a) set a policy to replace old forms only after the old stock is consumed, except in cases where pricing or legal issues warrant it, and (b) hold each department accountable for their initial stock order, forcing the user department to take responsibility for a proper forecast.It is much more difficult to take a broad brush to solve problem #2. The only input on this issue is to order a percentage of the old form's historical demand, for three months at a time.

The lowest-cost issue is the least understood. Printing production costs equal the sums of the cost of paper, plates and ink, labor, and equipment set-up. As in any production environment, the cost to produce an item will cost less, as more items are produced.

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