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Personal Umbrellas for Rain :True to Size Apparel

Personal Umbrellas for Rain :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 31st Jul 2018

Personal Umbrellas for Rain

We’ve all seen those vintage scenes where a gentleman strolls along with a velvet umbrella under his arm, trench coat and gloves perfectly in tune with the fashion of the day, tipping his hat to passing ladies with a swashbuckler’s grin. While all of us may not be able to achieve all the rest of the apparel or even have all of it be in style the umbrella is certainly a classic not only because it’s obviously so functional but also because it can look stylish as well and there is no other alternative to keeping off the rain that looks as good.

Along with our selection of other items we also offer personal umbrellas for rainy days that come in a variety of styles and sizes. We have monochromatic umbrellas in different colors to suit any of your moods, patterned umbrellas such as in plaids and stripes, fun prints like music symbols and underwater scenes that will appeal to kids and even vintage looking patterns with ruffles, lace patterns and lace trims for the nostalgic souls who want the vintage look.

We make our personal rain umbrellas truly personal as due to the wide variety of colors and patterns available you can pick a design (or designs) to suit your changing moods and wardrobe style. There are also different types of handles, both hooked and straight so you can choose according to your personal preference. The umbrellas are made in different styles from executive to casual so that whether you are looking for a personal umbrella to take in to work or for a stroll out in the park you always have an appropriate choice.

All of our umbrellas are large enough to provide adequate cover from the rain but even there are different sizes available so that you can choose one according to your convenience. You could get a super large one if you and your friends walk to work together and you can huddle together under it!

Again, focusing on the personal aspect of personal rain umbrellas they are available in both automatic and manual varieties so you can choose whatever you are comfortable with. For those of our customers who love the long handled, old fashioned classic look we offer long handled umbrellas. But we also have those of you covered who need the convenience of folding down the umbrella and having it fit in your purse or handbag.

We have an option for everyone so stop by our rainwear section and pick out an umbrella for your nect rainy day.