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Paper Towels and coupons, solutions :True to Size Apparel

Paper Towels and coupons, solutions :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Paper Towels

There are hundreds of brands of paper towels from dozens of paper towel brands showing how absorbent and convenient their product is. It sure looks easy to pick up that spill and cleaning up a mess looks like it is a lot of fun.

Your fashion sense seems to be on the mark when you hang that roll of paper towels with any of a wide assortment of holders for that special kitchen or bathroom area. And how many of us are glad to save some money by looking for paper towels on sale with that coupon to ease your budget?

Of course we are all concerned about the environment and read those occasional stories that talk about how to make compost from your paper towels once they have served their cleaning purpose.

I am a believer that solutions are easier to find and implement once that knowledge is evident. The KISS budget and environmental solution is straightforward, inexpensive and a quick fix to anyone seeking to save money and Mother Earth.

Cotton Towels

There are many advantages to using cotton towels instead of paper. A cotton towel is reusable. Merely let it air dry and it is ready to sop up the next spill. A whole lot of liquid mess is easy to pick up with a cotton towel as you only have to wring the liquid from it and soak up the next volume of liquid.

Can't do THAT with paper!

100% cotton towels are cheap, lasts a long time, and can be cleaned along with anything else that you are throwing into your washing machine.

Reduce the size of landfills, save a few trees and save yourself a lot of money.

As the founder and CEO of True to Size Apparel, I have built a business around the principle of keeping it simple when it comes to our offering of services and prices. If you found this advice helpful, it would be my fondest desire that you consider our company when the need arises for clothing or uniforms at: %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%% - 541.359.2268

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