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Online Embroidery. The advantages of :True to Size Apparel

Online Embroidery. The advantages of :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Online Embroidery custom services

The advantages of ordering embroidery online are substantial. While there are about 150,000 embroidery companies in the United States, only a few of them are anywhere near where you live or work. The local embroidery companies will encourage you to "buy local" and to "support the local economy" and that is all well and good. But then you have to ask yourself if you can afford the added cost of doing business.

Online embroidery at True to Size Apparel is attractive to many businesses, schools, event planners and government agencies for many reasons, starting with the free downloadable Embroidery Buyer's Guide. The embroidery buyer's guide is a quick read and allows both novice and professional embroidery buyer to ask all of the right questions to assure a desired outcome from the buying process.

If you need a custom logo, True to Size Apparel has an online logo design studio, where you can create your vision at no cost. That free studio is very handy for fraternity and sorority buyers because of the complete Greek fonts. The studio is also useful in uploading your existing logo onto a garment so that placement is confirmed, a process known as a "mock up". Free mock ups.

If you are ordering text embroidery, such as a person's name, then the "house" font list is there to eliminate any setup / digitizing costs for small orders such as bridal party, corporate jackets and other individually personalized orders. Free setup when house fonts are used.

As to styles of garments, True to Size Apparel offers, for example, as many as 150 different styles of polo shirts. You are able to choose from a seemingly infinite range of colors, companion styles, sizes from toddler to plus size 10xl from over forty brands. You will find what you are looking for, even if it has to be custom made, such as True to Size Apparel's straight-from-China custom hat orders, with quantities starting at twenty-five.

To clarify what a feature for some of the fabrics and designs are, True to Size Apparel published an Apparel Dictionary which is available to anyone to download for free. Knowledge is power and with that power a buyer can make a more informed purchasing decision while looking at the vast choices of a style of bag or garment.

Digitizing / setup service of a customer's logo for embroidery is completed in one business day and the cost is free on orders of $500 or greater, or only $7.77 for a 5,000 stitch logo. Sew outs of an embroidered logo are emailed at no charge & shipping by FedEx ground to any of the 48 United States is free when the garment order is $500 or greater.