Online Embroidery, Shop custom embroid :True to Size Apparel

Online Embroidery, Shop custom embroid :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Online Embroidery Services

True to Size Apparel has published more than five hundred videos on YouTube and on our shopping cart. 

The goal at True to Size Apparel is to provide a video of every garment and bag on our online store.  Virtual shopping satisfies most questions regarding fit and finish of clothing, allowing customers to shop online and getting their order right the first time.

No other embroidery company and almost no other clothing company does more to satisfy a customer the first time.

The internet is the world’s biggest shopping mall. There are over 120,000 embroidery service companies in the United States.

The advantage of this cyber mall is that you can escape the extremely limited choices of those custom logo decorators and shop for better quality and prices than are being offered locally. Any disadvantage to online shopping can be avoided by allowing yourself time while placing a first time order. Haste makes waste!

Our Embroidery Genie grants your three wishes.

  • Lowest prices, Speedy embroidery, and no penalty for not buying more than you need.
  • $2.99 most chest logos
  • $25 onetime digitizing / logo setup
  • No minimum order quantity.

Just as with any custom order, whether it is for a car, at a restaurant or a hair salon, avoid disappointment, delay, stress, or an expensive confrontation especially when it comes to embroidery by getting all of the thread color, dimension, jacket color, size and quantity, and the expected receipt date IN WRITING.

Get all of the details on one document such as the sales order. Many custom orders are negotiated between the embroidery company and the purchaser, where one or more changes are made via email or telephone. Confusion can occur when a particular change is forgotten during the order’s execution. All final details should be on one email or the sales order.

Screen printing can be an inexpensive media from which to decorate a bag, tee shirt, polo shirt, jacket or towel with your team or company’s logo.

Unlike embroidery, you can screen print your logo as large as 14 inches x 14 inches for the same cheap price as a one inch wide logo or pay a bit more to supersize your logo up to 19 x 19 inches.
The free size option opens up your mind to many inexpensive possibilities.

Online Embroidery, Shop online embroidery services by Gene Constant

True to Size Apparel has provided custom logo decorated garments and accessories to companies, teams and branches of the United States government since 2004.

Formerly known as Clothing 4 All, True to Size Apparel is an online innovative business with customers worldwide. One of our customers is a safety products distributor in Nigeria. We are proud to have repeatedly sold to the United States Supreme Court, Sanyo North America, Ernst & Young and Nordstrom, who are some of our valued customers.

Online ordering for delivery almost everywhere, no minimum order quantity, worldwide delivery.

Customers can shop and buy blank / plain shirts and similar garments and accessories, we do not require embroidery or screen printing on any item except for Nike Golf items, which includes a free name or one word embroidery as that is a Nike requirement for us to sell their brand.

The founder & CEO, Gene Constant, earned his MBA  with a major in Finance, is a Certified Purchasing Manager and author of self help books such as Total Productive Maintenance and Budget Repair Guide. Gene has applied his expert knowledge of productivity and cost control to True to Size Apparel, creating a world class business model that has attracted a wide range of customers who seek both a low price AND high quality.

You are a part of history when you, your company or team experience the innovations the President of True to Size Apparel has brought to the embroidery business.
Gene has repeatedly trained managers of large and small Mexican companies to increase productivity and reduce costs.
To lower the overhead and thereby reduce costs to our customers, True to Size Apparel uses a design company in India to maintain products on our shopping cart. All vector and digitizing files used for embroidery and screen printing services are created in Pakistan and China.

True to Size Apparel believes that knowledge is power. We seek to empower our customers by giving them tools known mostly to businesses in the trade such as ourselves. With that knowledge our potential customers are more able to make a more informed decision.
Total Productive Maintenance and Cost Containment can help most departments or businesses to either improve productivity or reduce costs. This is our way of earning your business by helping you without any obligation to buy. These books are available from or you may ask us to send you a free copy as a PDF file.