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Negotiation Tactics Examples Strategies:True to Size Apparel

Negotiation Tactics Examples Strategies:True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Remember that every dollar that is allocated to a vendor can never be used or considered for wages.

It seems like every brother and his aunt is in the supply business, whether it is pens or packaging. There are hundreds of mail order firms as well as commission salespersons, hawking products.

Earlier, we emphasized that the best price is obtained by measuring your specific needs, and for supplies, it's critical to do this. A monthly or annual, average usage figure, on each item (or at least the most commonly used items) will gain you substantial, price advantage when you negotiate with a supplier.

Vendors often give you a great deal on some items (your high-profile ones) and then charge all the market will bear on the lower volume items. No vendor gives away the store on the whole assortment. Forewarned of this practice, you must first have a good idea as to what you need. A dollar and/or item, volume figure will achieve your desired results.

The proper method to obtain the overall best cost is as follows:

1.NEVER tell the supplier what you pay for an item elsewhere.

All this will do is prevent you from finding out how little you have to pay for an item. Working on commission, the salesperson benefits most by keeping as much of the price for his employer. You want to get to the lowest possible market price. Your supplier is paid to keep you from that point. To find the market bottom, you must fish without radar.

2.NEVER tell the supplier what you are willing to pay for an item.

3.NEVER tell the supplier that he is your favorite, most likely to obtain your business when the smoke clears, etc.

This act will give the supplier sufficient confidence as to prevent you from finding out how little you must pay. The customer never wins in this instance....

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