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Name Embroidery can be that of a :True to Size Apparel

Name Embroidery can be that of a :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Name Embroidery

Name embroidery can be that of a business, employee or person. We get a lot of orders for bridal parties where the individual brides maids names are desired on a bag or bath wrap, and a lot of businesses go the extra step when they embroider their employee's names on the right chest of a shirt or jacket.

Then there is the order for a business name to be embroidered. Starting with the business name embroidery, you are going to save a lot of money and enhance the branding of your business if you digitize the font used for your website and stationary, then use that specific font for your embroidery orders. The digitizing is unique to the embroidery process and should not be confused with digital files such as a JPG or BMP. The digitizing process for embroidery is actually the creation of an executable computer file that instructs a commercial embroidery machine how to move a garment or bag under as many as twelve needles that are threaded to sew when commanded by the file.

You want to limit the width of your embroidery to a range of three to four inches and use the fabric color of the garment or bag as a background or fill color whenever possible to save on the embroidery cost & to allow that fabric color assist in your company branding process. The fine people at True to Size Apparel online would ask for your logo on a paper used for letterhead printing, as the font needs to be larger than found on a business card so that the scan can be of the best quality.

Individual name embroidery services can be expensive if you are not careful. If you insist on a font that is similar or identical to your company's font, the digitizing of each unique name has its own price. I would recommend that you select a free font from a list of "house" fonts that are keyed directly into the embroidery machine. Then you get the rich look of a custom embroidered name at a discount. For the bridal parties and other event embroidery orders, you can get larger embroidery of names for towels, robes and such using the same "house" font.

As to thread colors, you have a lot of choices and many of the colors can closely match PMS colors, which can be provided by your sign or printing company, so that your logo closely matches your signs and stationary. Thread may not be an exact match as ink or paint as fabric has dye-lot issues that prevent the precise colors as found in paint or ink. Embroidery does not cost more if you select more than one color. Embroidery is priced on the number of stitches used, so the bigger the logo the higher the costs.