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Logos Embroidered. A logo is a visual :True to Size Apparel

Logos Embroidered. A logo is a visual :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Custom company logos embroidered

A logo is a visual design intended to brand an idea, to create an impression upon those who view it in a manner as to cause long term memory and recognition. That graphic is important for an organization which is why so much time and money is spent on the design. There is elegance in simplicity as found in the White House stationary or the Nike swoosh. Keep it simple and most people will retain the impression you are trying so hard to achieve.

Speaking of making a good impression, any good marketing professional knows the value of having as many people as possible see your custom logo as many times as possible. As you prepare to have your logo embroidered on a hat, jacket, shirt or accessory; you want to pay attention to a number of details.

Of course, custom company embroidered logos start with the design. For hats, the maximum height allowed is 2.5 inches, while shirt or jacket chest logos can be as large as 3.5 or 4 inches wide. Notice the limitation on hats is mostly how tall the logo is, while in larger surfaces such as shirts it is all about the width.

When looking at your entire logo, you may need to remove small text  from your logo design as thread cannot sew well it the height is less than 1/4 of an inch. Before sending your logo to an embroiderer, use a photocopier to enlarge or shrink your logo and tape or pin that on the garment or bag you are planning to decorate. Determine for yourself what that logo size should be before you spend time & money on digitizing and sew outs. A sew out is your logo sewn on a piece of fabric so that you can see how your logo looks when the media is thread instead of ink. Insist on a sew out before an embroiderer sews your logo on anything.

Keep an open mind as you could use varied versions of your logo so that placement is possible on smaller surfaces such as a collar or cuff. The traditional locations for embroidered logos on a shirt or jacket is the left chest and the width is usually 3.5 inches. I like to use the collar front and back, the yoke and cuffs. Creativity is oftentimes rewarded in marketing, so you may want to place your chest logo as high as possible, just near where the fabric meets the shoulder seam.

Quality of the logo is also where the right digitizer comes into focus. At True to Size Apparel, we have different digitized embroidery files for hats versus flat garments. We also have specialized digitized files for fabric, our cotton garment orders get a different digital file than polyester.

Getting someone's attention is the purpose of logo embroidery. Spend some time in the planning process and try not to rush your first order with a new embroidery vendor or a new logo. Your patience and planning will more likely assure you the desired result and give you a good return on your advertising investment.