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Latest Top Trends: Office Clothing for :True to Size Apparel

Latest Top Trends: Office Clothing for :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Women's work clothes, Business - Casual

Women understand the importance of wearing the right clothes. They pay a lot of attention to how they look. Whether they simply need to go and get some groceries or attend a party. Even when they’re stuck in the office the whole day, women take extra pains in choosing the right professional and business casual outfits.

Putting together an office ensemble that is trendy, and at the same time, professional looking can be a little difficult. But if you pay attention to the latest fashion trends, you’d have a solid idea of what will work best for you. You’ll know whether to go with the traditional blacks and grays and the classic designs, or to go more daring with bright colored pieces. 

Trendy Women’s Office Clothing


It is possible to be trendy while sticking to the professional look. You don’t need to stick with the old and outdated just because your boss wants you to look formal and business-like. Designers never fail to come up with trendy styles and designs for even the most basic office outfit, so you’ll have plenty of choices.

One of the trends making waves is the 2014 Christian Dior Cruise Collection, which features pantsuits and office dresses in bright colors and accented designs. There are also flowing jackets, little black dresses and the classic tailored look. If you want to be really trendy, you can adopt one of these looks. Here are more specific examples of trendy but professional office outfits.

•    For the Suit: Over-alls are popular, but you’ll have to make sure that they’re made of the right material. The color also matters. Tweed and wool are the more popular options, but something with sheen or something velvety will emphasize your femininity. You can choose to go with the usual blacks, navy blues and grays, but you can also be playful and go with more unique colors like burgundy, shades of pink, mauve or a brighter blue. White is also a good color choice.

Men’s style suits are also popular but a trendier option would be pairing your suit with a skirt, dress or jacket blouse.

•    Matching blouse and skirt workwear outfits also make for trendy office outfits. Look for a conservative shift blouse and pair it off with a matching skirt. Avoid blouses and skirts with loud prints as they do not belong to the office. If you prefer to wear pants, choose wide leg trousers. Pair this off with a crew neck sweater and a blazer. Wear them in different shades of white.

•    For cold days, indulge in a little trench coat fashion. Better yet, go for a trench coat dress and pair it off with black or gray (or black and gray) pumps. Make sure your trench is made of good fabric. Something with a little sheen; it shouldn’t be leathery, though. 

•    For your shirts and blouses, look for those in white, with bulky sleeves (as in retro). The more traditional the cut, the better. Add some dash of modern by pairing off your shirts and blouses with trousers in black, silver gray and shades of blue and green. For cold days, accessorize with a collar scarf or wear your wool blazer.

•    If you want to explore your more feminine side and wear a dress, the best way to look professional and trendy is to go with sheath dresses. Choose a style that suits you: one that comes with frills or one that’s unadorned. Make sure the dress fits you well because a sheath dress that does not fit close to your body won’t make you look good and trendy.

•    The sweater, pullover and the turtleneck are also office clothing basics. These are best for business casual days. Pair them off with your pants and skirts. Red slim fit pants and a red turtleneck accessorized with a collar scarf in a lighter shade will impress your boss. Go for a variety of colors when buying sweaters.

Colors, Prints and Fabrics

Stay professional looking without sacrificing the trendy part by choosing the right colors, prints and fabrics for your office outfits. Although traditional colors like black and gray still make the list, it will be good to experiment with more unique choices like green, red, burgundy or mauve and different shades of blue.

Stripes are popular, but so are checks and abstract prints. Don’t overdo the checks, though; stick to the basics like a checkered blazer or sweater.

Wool and tweed are still heavy favorites, especially since a lot of designers are leaning toward men’s style suits and blazers for women. But it won’t hurt to try out other fabrics like sheen-inspired material and the more feminine velvet.

The secret to wearing trendy office outfits is in the ability to mix and match. Don’t be afraid to pair a plain-looking skirt with a geometrically printed blouse and pink blazer. It’s the best way to create the perfect trendy+professional look!