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Latest Top Trends: Office Clothing for :True to Size Apparel

Latest Top Trends: Office Clothing for :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Mens office, work clothing

Just like women, men should also be conscious about how they look at work. Staying inside the office for the most part of the day is not an excuse to look shabby or outdated. You will need to look good to feel good. Feeling good equates to being confident. And this is exactly how you would like to face a day filled with tasks, responsibilities and client meetings. It is one way of leaving a good impression on your clients, co-workers and your boss.

If you want to make things work to your advantage, then you should know what type of office clothing to wear. You don’t really have to be a privileged audience at the New York Fashion Week, but you do have to constantly update yourself with the latest trends in men’s office fashion.

Latest Trends in Men’s Office Clothing

The most important thing to remember when shopping for office clothing is how to be professional-looking. What you are trying to build is a professional wardrobe, one that will make you look good when facing the boss or meeting a client.

The Basic Necessities

Although some offices impose a smart casual wardrobe policy, it is always best to have the traditional office or work wardrobe. Here the basic things you’ll need in your closet.

•    Two or three suits. You wouldn’t want to keep wearing the same suit to the office for the entire week, would you? The advantage of having suits in the closet go way beyond the four walls of your office. Suits can be worn for any formal occasion, so they’re never a waste of your hard-earned money. Be sure, however, that you don’t stay stuck with just one design or style. Get a single-breasted one, but also find a good double-breasted suit that comes in different colors. One of the best selling colors for this season is burgundy. It’s not a classic office color like black, blue or gray, but it can work for you. Pair off your burgundy suit with a lighter color and you’re guaranteed to leave a positive impression on the boss and your most treasured client.

If you prefer suits in black, gray, blue or even brown, go for wool. It’s the more fashionable option. Pair any of these colors with red or anything with a similar shade, and you’re ready to turn heads!

•    One or two blazers that you can pair off with a couple of pants and dress shirts. These are for the casual business days. As always, wool is the best material. Your slim fit brown or burgundy blazer can be paired with a V-neck knitted sweater and a checkered shirt in shades of red, burgundy, brown or white. You can go with a pair of plain trousers of the same color, or go more casual with stretch jeans.

•    Your pants or trousers matter a lot. It is important to have a few that you can use to mix and match with your suits and blazers. Have more than three, if possible. And they should be in colors that go with any season. You should have dark colored pants, neutrals and the lighter ones like khaki and blue jeans. Colored trousers are the trend nowadays, so it won’t hurt if you have a few in your closet. Some good choices would be rust, ginger, burgundy (again!), red and bright blues. Mix and match your colored trousers with your shirts and sweaters to create the professional look that you want.

•    Shirts and sweaters, as many as you can have. Your closet should have at least two or three dress shirts. These are the ones that you pair off with your formal suits. For colors, go with neutrals, but if you want to be trendy, experiment with faint pinstripes and brighter colors like red or royal blue. As for your sweaters, go with the usual vest-types in neutral shades for a formal office look. If you want them paired with your blazer and jeans for a more casual office look, go for more trendy combinations like gray blazer and green sweater or a brown blazer and snowy white with faint pink pinstripes. A long sleeve pullover sweater is also perfect for business casual looks.

•    Important tip to remember: Not all trends are suited to the professional look. Checks, for example, should be worn with proper consideration. Never wear an all-check outfit in the office. If you really want checks in your office clothing, opt for a blazer with muted checks. This will make you look business-formal even when wearing a unique design trend (which is usually not advised for office outfits).

Creating a professional or business look will not be complete if you do not have the right pair of shoes. For your suits, go with the classic leather dress shoes or black oxfords. For a more casual look, go for trendy boots and leather loafers. Avoid wearing sneakers or rubber shoes. Also, never wear socks in white or patterns, no matter what the trend may be.

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