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Jacket Embroidery is a good investment :True to Size Apparel

Jacket Embroidery is a good investment :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Jacket Embroidery

Jacket embroidery is a good investment for any business and a must for most teams. From a creative perspective, there is a LOT to work with, as many consider the fabric of a jacket to be a heavier weight than a polo shirt or blouse. Your business logo would stand out if it were placed on the upper back, between the shoulders.

Keep in mind that custom embroidery cost is by the stitch. When considering the design of your logo for jacket embroidery, if you are on a budget, you may save a lot of money by letting the jacket fabric serve as fill and not use so much thread. For example take a look at the Ford Motor company logo. That oval can be filled inside along with the text or it can be the fabric inside the oval for every part of it except the FORD text.

At True to Size Apparel, we did the Ford logo for a few dealers. The orders went both ways. One dealer liked to see the inside filled in with a color thread and felt the decision was well worth the price.

When considering where to place your logo and how big it must be for your organization, jacket embroidery can also utilize the upper shoulder blades for your URL / website address. We get many requests for jacket embroidery using the collar. You can make a subtle yet relatively unique statement by using the front portion, left and right collar. Of course it is traditional to use the left chest area for a three or four inch logo.

I favor the Port Authority clothing line as they are America's largest supplier of garments to the embroidery industry. Port Authority Clothing has a "Port Pocket" feature that consists of a hidden zipper that separates the jacket from the jacket lining. The Port Pocket thusly allows the backside / inside result of embroidery. You do not have to see that mess as the lining is pulled back for embroidery machine access. Best news of all to using the Port Authority brand of jackets for embroider is that they have so many styles and you are not paying extra for that thoughtful feature.

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