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Innovation can get Downright Dirty at Times :True to Size Apparel

Innovation can get Downright Dirty at Times :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 18th Sep 2017

TSA (also known as True to Size Apparel) is not afraid to break a few eggs, or get into the muck to learn and then share what we know with our customers. The photos on this page show an extreme experiment to determine just how valuable a stain-resistant shirt can be. Shirt style is an Ultra Club 8991

Gene Constant (President) wore a shirt that was treated to resist stains, while Kelsey (employee) poured and rubbed in a substantial volume of mud, ketchup and grape soda. The other photo shows how clean that shirt became after a mere blast with chilly water (no soap or scrubbing) from a garden hose.

It is safe to say that most people will never work under such extreme conditions that we put that shirt through, but most would agree that we gave it our all to prove the value such a feature could have for many people who want to look their best all day.

I ask that you visit our website from time to time and decide for yourself if the services, uniforms, clothing and methods of communication is attractive to you. See if you can find the next NEW idea we have implemented!

TSA is the only uniform company to share what we know about cost savings and other ideas useful to almost any industry worldwide, the title of our FREE book is: Everything I know about Business I learned Playing Video Games.

We are the only clothing company to provide FREE worldwide calling. Anyone from Anywhere can click on a link on any of our webpages, and both SEE and HEAR TSA’s customer service. We call it Video Chat. With a click of your mouse, you can turn on your webcam and show us a garment or idea if you need to. We also share documents instead of waiting for email, and co-browse.

We constantly strive to earn your attention & your business. How can we WOW! you today?

Your security means a lot to us. That is why we were one of the very few clothing retailers in the world to secure EVERY page of our website in 2016 so that your experience is a safe one. Look for “https” before a web name, which you will find on every one our web pages.