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Inexpensive Screen Printing. sure, you :True to Size Apparel

Inexpensive Screen Printing. sure, you :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Inexpensive Screen Printing

Sure, you have placed orders for your company or team garments from someone you have known for a long time. Habits are hard to break but, in today's economy, can you or your company really afford to maintain what may be an expensive relationship?

The economy has caused many screen printing companies to sell their customer list to big companies that are not in your city or state. Your local screen printer may be nothing more today than a commission sales representative. About half of all of the screen printers who had their own equipment five years ago have signed deals with mega-screen printers / decorators. Those relationships are written in such a manner that your local printer is nothing more than a commission sales rep who has signed a non-compete agreement in exchange for getting out of the production, ordering and other non-sales tasks.

That out of state company has changed the relationship with you and your printer, now a local sales rep. In these difficult times, you owe it to everyone in your school or business to look around and see if change is good for your company also!

The advantage of using the cheap screen printing services at True to Size Apparel is that the minimum quantity requirement is for only six items, which means you do not have to buy more than you need; which is very helpful for corporate uniform or team apparel buyers who are uncertain on the size requirements of employees or team members who are unknown. Keeping your inventory down means never having to pay for something that may not be used for years or ever. When an uncommon size, such as XS or 5XL is needed, you can uniform that one person without a long wait to order unwanted minimum quantities. Count on our everyday discount prices on Port Authority Clothing brands for sizes up to 10xl. This is a definite win-win for the buyer.

An excellent inexpensive screen printing company is only a phone call away. Free shipping available.