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How to Properly Wear Black Clothes :True to Size Apparel

How to Properly Wear Black Clothes :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

How to wear Black Clothes

A lot of people say wearing black makes them feel sophisticated, beautiful and even sexy because it makes them look slimmer. Some, however, avoid wearing black because it’s dull and boring. Others say black clothing is simply overused. No matter what event you are attending, there’s always someone wearing that iconic little black dress (LBD).

The little black dress and every other black clothing that you own do not have to be dull and boring. If you know how to wear your black clothes well, no one will fault you of being too lazy to look good.

The Dos and Don’ts in Wearing Black

There are different shades of black and this matters a lot if you want to look good in that LBD. You need to know how to match fabrics, textures and shades. Pairing off a black skirt with your favorite black blouse will not instantly make you a fashion success. There are some Dos and Don’ts that you need to consider.


•    Do go for wool, especially for trousers, suits and sweaters. Wool gives off a deeper, more solid shade of black. Wool does not fade easily, too.

•    Do experiment by mixing and matching different textures and fabrics. Try out a textured skirt and textured blouse combination. If it doesn’t work well, pair off your textured skirt with a plain wool sweater. Layer textures and use just one type of black shade. There should be balance when it comes to texture and the fabric that you use; otherwise, your black look will come out boring.

•    Do choose black clothing that fits you perfectly well. An ill fitting black outfit will not make you feel good in any way; and as a result, your look will come out as forced or pretentious. There will be no sophistication and you certainly won’t come out as sexy.

•    Do wear an all-black outfit if you want to look slim. Any monochromatic dark colored outfit will make you look smaller.

•    Do try to pair off your black clothing with brown and other neutral colors. Be sure, though, that you pay attention to the shades and tones. Mixing with neutrals will make you look more natural, not too coordinated that you’ll appear dull.

•    Do wear an all-black outfit if you must, but add some color to it by accentuating. You can use a colorful scarf or bright colored shoes and a matching bag.

•    Do choose little black dresses that are accentuated with colored designs on the top.


•    Do not wear black if you have a warm skin tone. How do you know if you’re warm-toned? There are three things you can do to find out: check your veins (greenish ones indicate you are warm-toned); check the color of your eye and hair (warm-toned people have red, black, brown and strawberry blond hairs). Wearing black clothes will make warm-toned people look uneven, sallow and unflattering.

•    Do not wear too much of the same material. Case in point – leather. Do not pair off your black leather jacket with leather tight pants and shirt or blouse. You’ll look out-of-this-world in a truly unflattering kind of way.

•    Do not wear black cotton clothing, if possible. Unlike wool, cotton easily fades as it does not hold dye well. If you must wear black cotton t-shirt, go for one with a synthetic fiber like Lycra. Also choose shirts in deeper black.

•    Do not wear black clothing close to your face. Black makes dark lines on your face appear, which in turn will make you look older. Your wrinkles will be more prominent and the shadows around your eyes will be highlighted, too. This is why wearing a bright colored scarf or a little black dress with colored top is highly advised.

•    Do not neglect your black clothing. Learn how to properly clean all your black clothes so that they won’t fade. The best way to care for them is by brining them to the dry cleaners.

•    If your little black dress or skirt is beginning to fade, stop wearing them. Faded black never looks good, no matter how you accentuate it.

Black is beautiful! But you’ll have to know how to highlight this beauty if you want to look and feel good in your black clothes.