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How to Buy Shirts Online, get your  :True to Size Apparel

How to Buy Shirts Online, get your :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

How to Buy Shirts Online

The advent of the internet is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the last century. Aside the avalanche stream of information and connectivity that it brought to our disposal, it has also helped shaped our lives and the way we go about our daily businesses. The feature that allows us to order for goods and services over the web is one of the many wonders of the worldwide web. As social beings, our quest to meet up with societal standard through lifestyle which is often radiated and expressed in our appearance cannot be overemphasized. While there are quite a number of clothing apparels from which we can choose, shirts have become extremely popular over time due to their ease of wear and management, hence their constant need by people across all works of lives and varying culture and languages.

We know you love shirts and that in the tracks of your tight schedules, hitting the stores may become a really daunting task, and to think that online shopping is not only cheaper but also opens one to the selecting from mouth watering varieties that comes conveniently is more than exciting. In our bid to take the guesswork when wondering just how to buy shirts online at True to Size Apparel, here are some valid tips that enable you choose the best shirt a myriad array of shirts usually on display when you go shopping online:

Get Your Exact Measurement

The need for your exact measurement when shopping for shirts online is beyond necessary as it decides if what you’re going for fits you properly or not. Getting your measurement from a professional will help you make the right choices before placing that order. On every shirt shopping site, there are sizing chart features that enables you to input your measurement like small, medium or large sizes, neck, chest and sleeve sizes so you can get not just the shirt that you love to buy, but the one that is specially for your body size. While it isn’t bad to measure self before hitting the online stores, employing the service of a professional tailor will bring you to a perfect selection experience. Considering that it will only take you 30 to 40 dollars to hire a professional, instead of wasting hundreds or even thousands on purchasing the wrong sizes.

Get Your Materials Right

Our needs are not only different as humans, our choices are too. Some like shirts made from wool while others prefer cotton as the grand material. Whichever it is you prefer, ensure you run a check on the material from which that shirt you have fallen in love with is made of. This would help you avoid the inconveniences that latter knowledge of it brings. Awareness of the materials also let you know the best weather for your selection. For example, in cold climates, shirts made from wool and down will provide better comfort than those made from cotton and denim. The easiest way to look for the best shirts for your style is to look on those you already own.

Know What Styles You Desire

The fashion industry, like many others have its own registers and vocabularies. Boot, athletic, regular and relax are some of the terms used to describe items that fit in specific ways. For example, a slim shirt will be narrower and tighter fitting in the arms, waist and shirt when compared with the regular fitting shirt. When shopping for shirts, terms like slim fit, athletic fit, regular and traditional fits should be watched out for so you could choose the ones that best suit you.

Read the Product Description

Often times, the excitement of finding a new shirt can be super exciting. You shouldn’t however let that stop you from checking for details of what is about taking your money. Product descriptions give you deeper insight as regarding your selection. Nature of materials, style and durability are some of the information you should check out for in the product description of that your dream shirt! The kind of buttons, fly, or if your shirt possesses waterproof exterior can be found there in the description.

How do you take care of your shirt?

Well, different materials demand different methods of care. The way you care for a shirt made from wool is not the same with that made from cotton. Ideally machine wash is generally good for most shirt materials, but if it is dry clean only, ensure what you’re buying is worth the effort.

Shipping Cost and Return Policy.

The cost of your shirt is one thing, shipping it to your destination is another. Ensure that you have properly read the shipping cost of your shirt before proceeding to payment. You should also take time to read the return policies of the online store where you are shopping. How many days do you have to return the item? Will you get a refund or store credit? Who pays for the return shipping? All of these questions you should dutifully have answers to before you go on to purchase that dream shirt!