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How to buy clothes, The positive adv :True to Size Apparel

How to buy clothes, The positive adv :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

How to Buy Clothes that Fit Online

The most popular routine purchases we make are for food and clothing. With all of that daily experience you would think that everyone is expert at buying clothes. You may be wrong about many of us.

There are dozens of stores within a few miles radius for almost everyone except for those who live in rural areas. Those local stores display clothes that are meant for the following season, with summer clothes on the sales floor in March and winter clothes on display in July, etc.

The positive advantage to buying in person is that you can touch and try on the item before purchase. This physical purchase option allows you to walk out the store's door with the garment fitting and the color obvious to you. You can never be disappointed with such an opportunity to get a custom experience.

The not so positive problems include the minimal selection such as size, color and style. Then you may have an issue with the fact that you may be wanting to buy in the here-and-now instead of for the future. You may not have had the credit or money to buy summer clothes in the winter, but now that it is summer you want a shirt or pant for today's weather. The most popular sizes and colors are sold fast and stores to not reorder. Those local clothes stores buy months ahead and have no means of reordering until next year.

If you are ordering for a business or team, you already know that a local store is not able to assure availability of any size, quantity or color.

Then there is a matter of price. The local store only has to compare their selling price for clothes to other local retailers. Just like buying gasoline or milk, it seems that there is some kind of comfort level that rarely changes between the types of local retailers.

As a buyer you may already know that you have to compromise selection and price when making a decision to buy local or online. You must pay the cost of travel, gasoline or mass transit, and time to try clothes on, to sort and sift to find the right color and size. Those costs are added to the higher price for the garment. Those are known as indirect and direct costs to purchase.

I am Gene Constant, the founder and President of True to Size Apparel, an online clothing store that features personalized garments for businesses, schools and events. What makes our online garment company unique is that I was a professional buyer for a catalog retail company and for a savings in loan. My fifteen years of purchasing was supported by my being certified as a purchasing manager by NAPM, the national association of purchasing managers. Most Certified Purchasing Managers complete their MBA before seeing that certification, and I did just that with a major in Finance.

That experience is a foundation from which our pricing policies and vendor selection was created. Your shopping result when you buy online is enhanced by that unique perspective.

The best way to buy clothes is situational. If you need clothes today then you must choose from what is locally available. If you have the opportunity to plan ahead, then your indirect and direct costs to buy are lower when you buy online.

True to Size Apparel has over 600 videos today and will have a video on all of our 2,700 or more items, showing how product fit, thereby maximizing the chance that your clothes purchase will fit. All garments include size and color charts plus actual shots of models wearing each of those colors of clothes. Another plus!

True to Size Apparel offers dozens of styles of polo shirt, dress shirts, tee shirts, etc. in sizes from petite to plus size 10XL. With hundreds of styles of shirts and wholesale prices, you should find what you are looking for quickly and for a lower price.

Our compare feature allows you to select up to four items and show them all on one page for an easy analysis before purchase. If you are an APO, FPO or a buyer from outside of the United States, True to Size Apparel ships worldwide and you get that price information before you pay without the inconvenience of asking for a quote or wait.

Want to know how to buy clothes? Shop the only online clothing store built by a professional buyer. We know what you need and you get those services up front.