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How the removable patches work? True to Size Apparel

How the removable patches work? True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Removable Patches

A visitor to our website asked the following question, an excellent question that may help many others:

QUESTION: I am curious how the removable patches work? Is the apparel damaged when the patch is removed?

Hello Jimmy,

There are many variables to consider when removing a patch that has been attached by thread.

  • FABRIC: The fabric of the garment may show where the thread was inserted and may be bruised or stretched by the attachment and removal process.
  • TIME: The time since the patch was attached can be a factor, as there may be an outline where the removed threads were.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Your patch covered fabric that was never exposed to sunlight, nor cleaning.

Many thanks for your excellent question sir. I hope that my answers has helped.

FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I am patching onto a primarily poly shirt. Do iron on patches remove more easily?

Hi Jim,

An iron on patch uses adhesive. Depending upon the glue used, how long the patch remained attached, the temperatures of the iron & environment the garment is worn, as well as how long the patch is attached; you may have issues with fabric fading, glue residue and reaction of the threads when that patch is removed. Such reactions may or may not include tearing or shrinkage if your removal includes a heat source.

You are very welcome sir!