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Hoodie Embroidery. There are a lot of :True to Size Apparel

Hoodie Embroidery. There are a lot of :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Hoodie Embroidery

There are a lot of opportunities to make your statement when you are thinking about hoodie embroidery. Let your imagination run wild with possibilities on sweatshirt garments, something you would be afraid to do on a polo shirt.

Some of the customers at the embroidery store here at True to Size Apparel like to embroider the hood in two locations. A big logo can be seen when the hood is placed over your head and another location is at the lip, the visible portion of the hood when not being worn, relaxed on your back.

If you are not decorating the hood, then you have the upper shoulders for a website address (URL) that can be seen when the hood is pulled over the head. Of course you the traditional front where your design may be limited if you have zippers. Sometimes we get requests for embroidery on the upper shoulder, in between the sleeve and hood, the top, not the shoulder curve at the top of the sleeve.

Keep in mind that embroidery machines require a lot of space, so decorating is not possible on the cuff, sleeves or pouch pockets.

As to price, embroidery cost is determined by the number of stitches required to sew the design. A handy, free tool for people who are new to personalized embroidery buying is a click away, as we have The Embroidery Buyer's guide in a PDF file format. Count on True to Size Apparel to custom embroider your order in about seven working days so that you never need to consider a rush charge and can keep your order within the budget you expected to pay.

Nice thing about True to Size Apparel is that there is no minimum order requirement when you order personalized zip and high quality name brand hooded sweatshirts.