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Hi-Tec Clothing. Solutions that Lower Prices

Hi-Tec Clothing. Solutions that Lower Prices

Posted by Gene Constant on 31st Mar 2020


Solutions that Lower Prices or Increases Comfort

Buying Clothes Online?

Things to Know

Innovative solutions exist today that can increase a garment’s useful life (saves money), reduce

maintenance (saves time), or enhance your appearance (you are what you wear).

Colorfast ability to keep the same color without fading or running:

 when Washed

 when exposed to Perspiration

 when placed in Harsh Light

Comfort while keeping its drape & appearance, gives when needed

 Mobility: box pleat (a double pleat with material folded under at each side)

 Stretch: 2-way (stretches in one direction, left-wise or length-wise such as

elastic, rib-knit, gussets), 4-way (lengthwise & crosswise such as spandex,

poly/spandex-Lycra-elastane – can be stretched up to 500% and will recover its

original length)

IL50 Industrial Laundry certification that a garment can withstand at least 50

industrial launderer washes

No Shrink* synthetic fibers under ordinary conditions, such as 100% polyester, spandex

acetate, nylon

Low Shrink* polyester/cotton, polyester/wool, cashmere hair fibers, silk, wool, acrylic, nylon,

High Shrink* Cotton

Extremely High Shrink Linen

(*always follow laundry instructions found on the tag that is sewn into the garment. DO NOT rely upon

this brochure solely for laundry and maintenance)

Stain Release fabric treatment that helps to release stains when garment is being washed

Stain Resistant fabric treatment that helps stains & spills to roll off easily

Wrinkle Proof Most natural fabrics wrinkle easily (cotton, linen, silk). Most synthetic fabrics do

not (polyester, spandex, nylon, rayon).

Wrinkle Resistant fabric treatment to resist external stress and hold its shape (also known as

permanent press, easy care, durable press, non-iron and wash & wear)