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Golf Shirt Embroidery, golf shirts are :True to Size Apparel

Golf Shirt Embroidery, golf shirts are :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Golf Shirt Embroidery

A golf shirt is a very comfortable top for the office & warm climates. Golf shirts are great for trade show uniforms & casual office apparel and can be kind of dressy when out and about the town.

True to Size Apparel offers over 120 styles of polo golf shirts for such purposes. There is more to a golf shirt than the price. The technology of the fabric should be considered, as shirts can work as hard as you do. Polyester fabric allows moisture / sweat to evaporate more quickly than cotton, giving the person wearing the golf shirt a cooler fit. The buildup of perspiration causes people to be more irritable, to tire easier & be less productive. Polyester is a thinner fabric than cotton, as such it cannot support a logo with more than 8,000 or so stitches very well.

Cotton fabric is thicker, oftentimes cheaper than polyester and does support heavy logos. The positions of a logo include the very popular left chest. If the shirt has a pocket, embroider above the pocket. You cannot embroider the pocket once that pocket has been attached to the shirt. A sleeve is a desirable option for embroidery, but may not work if the sleeve has been fashioned to fit close to the arm. The length of such a logo is about three inches.

My personal favorite location for your website is the collar, back side. I am not a big fan of embroidered logos across the shoulders. A seldom used location that I think stands out for embroidery is the front collar, left & right. Be sure to download your free copy of the Embroidery Buyer's Guide. It will help you with questions & answers to enhance your embroidery buying experience.

Now that we have talked about fabric & location of your golf shirt embroidery, let's talk about your logo. All text should be at least 3/8 inches high. We are working with thread and not ink, so there is a limitation to bend thread so that the characters are legible. The best way to see if your logo is good as is, or if you have to modify it to enlarge or eliminate small text is to put your logo on a photocopier and blow it up until you get to that 3/8 inch minimum height for text, then put it on a shirt with tape and stand back a bit and see if you like it.

Your use of a photocopier and a clothes model will save you a lot of time. Most customers have a short deadline and time is oftentimes critical. Do not depend upon an embroidered sew out to be delivered, to then find it unsuitable, then ask for new digitizing and another sewn sample. Such mechanical efforts take time, a lot more time to satisfactorily complete your order, than if you had just known to use a copier to test the result on a garment, in front of your face.

Once the logo design is set, your golf shirt order cost includes digitizing / setup. True to Size Apparel is a master distributor of over thirty name brands of clothing and has the lowest price in the United States, only $7.77 to digitize a 5,000 stitch logo. Embroidery is only $2.99 for that 5,000 or fewer stitch logo, and most logos are 5,000 stitches and there is no minimum order. Free shipping available.

Give yourself time for a sew out of your logo. If you are buying a lot of golf shirts, buy some blank golf shirts and have staff try them on, so that you get the size you need. There is no such thing as "true to size" - a mediums size in one style may not be a medium size fit in a different style, even from the same manufacturer.