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Free Embroidery for all Nike garments :True to Size Apparel

Free Embroidery for all Nike garments :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Free embroidery

I know that the best words in the English vocabulary have the fewest letters, words such as Love, Nice, Sexy, Cool, Like, Money and Free. True to Size Apparel does give free embroidery to customers who purchase any of the Nike garments, in part because it is a requirement made by Nike to embroidery retailers to do so. True to Size Apparel sells a LOT of Nike garments and does not wish to reduce sales by asking the customers to pay more. Also, the free embroidery of a one word name (not a URL) or a monogram does a lot to personalize the customer's purchase and promotes our embroidery services.

The customer has a choice of red, black or white thread color and the embroidery is about one inch high. It does take longer for delivery than blank goods because the Nike garments have to be decorated, so add a week to the delivery process.

If you are seeking free embroidery on non-Nike garments or bags, you may be surprised when you add the cost of most logo embroidery, which is $2.99 for a 5,000 stitch logo - to the price of the garment at True to Size Apparel. It is no exaggeration when I write that the total cost of garment, embroidery and delivery is oftentimes a lot less at True to Size Apparel than that charged by local embroidery companies. When you look at our quote, you can see that the $2.99 embroidery cost is relatively free when that quotation between your logo online embroidery company (True to Size Apparel) and the person within driving distance is compared.

The best things in life can be free. Feel free to give True to Size Apparel a call and ask for their quote on your next order and be prepared to wear a permanent smile on your face.