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Free Embroidery Digitizing. What is :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Free embroidery digitizing online

What is digitizing when it comes to embroidery? For those asking such a question, it is easily confused with those who are familiar with digital images such as photos or video. In the embroidery process, what is required is that a custom computer program be created. That program tells embroidery machines that weigh several tons and may hold up to fourteen heads, each head being used to embroider a custom image onto a hat, shirt or bag.

That image, your custom team or business logo art is scanned. The operator creates a program that tells that giant embroidery machine which of the twelve needles on all of the heads to sew. Each needle may or may not have thread and may or may not penetrate the fabric. Those instructions are rather complicated and the result of the process is to create a digital file.

It is rather amazing a process and it does cost money to hire someone to perform that software programming. The task is enhanced a bit when you learn that there can be different files that give the embroidery buyer a better result if you tell us the digitized file will be used to embroider nylon versus cotton fabric.

True to Size Apparel seeks to become the largest embroidery company in the United States. To attain such a lofty goal, True to Size Apparel gives free embroidery digitizing on all garment orders of $500 or greater when embroidery is ordered also. The $500 minimum is the cost of product, embroidery costs are not included in getting to that minimum.

They say the best things in life are free. Whether you like that old song or are seeking to love your next order, True to Size Apparel will give free embroidery digitizing to customers who have orders of $500 or more.