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Fast screen printing without paying :True to Size Apparel

Fast screen printing without paying :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Fast Screen Printing

We offer fast screen printing to all products. We are well-known for our best services and products. We mostly get tees orders for screen printing. You can choose us to get screen printed or embroidered jackets, hats, bags, shirts, etc.These are only a few products, but we can print and do embroidery on all things. We have got the best machinery which will provide you the desired product in a short time and a budget. People usually have questions in their mind when they are looking for a printing company. They are concerned about sizes, quality of materials and printing.We are providing products in different sizes, and the quality of our materials and printing would be outclassed. We do not compromise on quality. Client satisfaction matters for us a lot. You can order as many shirts as you like. We will deliver your products ASAP with the help of our fast screen printing. The prices vary according to the printing designs and embroidery. We have specified our designs with prices. But if you want to get a different design of your choice then the price would be different. If the design you want us to print is quite complex, then it would charge more than the design which is simple to make.

For fast screen printing, there are some screen prices for initial orders which are less than 40 shirts which will have the same print. The first screen per side may have a different price depending upon the design. Some companies offer low-quality products at low prices, and some provide low-quality products at high rates. However, we are not one of them. We offer high-quality products at nominal rates. You would not find such attractive prices anywhere else. There are no set up prices for direct to clothing printing. There are no hidden charges of anything.

When you make an order then we would first ask you the following questions:

•What design or logo you want us to print on the shirt?

•How many shirts do you want?

•What sizes of shirt do you need?

•When do you need the desired shirts?

There are different factors which can determine the price of the printed garment like:

•Complexity of designs and logos

•The size of the garments

•The number of products

If you want simple embroidery, then the number of shades in the design would not be a factor in pricing. Each factor plays a significant role in the price. These factors help us to know what we have to provide. We do not offer high rates on fast screen printing. There is no need to worry about the price. Embroidery is available at affordable prices, but it also depends on the quantity of items. We have got the specialist who knows how to provide embroidery and fast screen printing in the best way. For fast screen printing, we offer high-resolution images in any format, but for embroidery, we work on a clean printout of design and logo.