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Fast Custom Embroidery for uniforms :True to Size Apparel

Fast Custom Embroidery for uniforms :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Fast Custom Embroidery

Everyone is in a hurry these days and that can be a good thing most of the time, as it indicates we have something to do and speed is a factor in productivity. We tend to go slow when we desire rest, reflection and thus are non-productive when speed is not what we need.

When talking about fast custom embroidery, it means different things to the buyer and to the seller. I have seen customers call with an order that is needed to be in their possession within a few days. That is a common request from people who are new to custom production of things, things that are not food such as "having it your way" at a drive through restaurant.

No embroidery seller holds inventory of shirts or hats, those items are ordered from dozens of warehouses that sell to the embroidery and screen printers in the United States. Some colors and sizes needed by the team or company may have to ship from the other side of the country, which could take a week for delivery, unless the customer is willing to pay for next day or two day delivery. What many buyers do not realize is the cost of expedited delivery. When they hear the price and understand that even the discount rate of the US Post office to mail a 12 ounce letter is about $25, then the need for speed is less critical than price or the order is lost due to budget constraints.

If a customer has not seen their logo in an embroidery format, it will take as little as a day or as long as several weeks for the customer to approve the sewn version of their logo. Some team and company logos do not embroider well and need revision for appearance or to reduce the price. For example, the Ford logo is an oval with the four letter word inside. It costs a lot less to embroider an oval and four letters than to fill in all of that space within the oval. Some companies purchase garment colors so that the inside of the oval is the color of their oval logo colors.

The embroidery store at True to Size Apparel does not charge a RUSH charge for customers who are in a hurry. We believe everyone wants fast embroidery delivered and are sensitive to their budget. Most orders ship within seven business days once the sew out of their logo is approved. Shipping from Oregon, the delivered date then depends upon how far from Oregon the delivery address is.

Keep in mind that free shipping is available with our quick embroidery service, and there there is no minimum order requirement. Most custom logos have a cheap price of only $2.99.