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Embroidery Shirts, Custom embroidered :True to Size Apparel

Embroidery Shirts, Custom embroidered :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Embroidery Shirts

The most common type of shirts chosen by business managers is the polo shirt. The polo shirt is used for trade shows, events and staff because it is a style that is more dressy than a non-collar t-shirt and a bit more casual than a button down shirt. The polo can cost less than a button down shirt and seems accepted more easily by staff in our casual dressed work environments.

The custom embroidery of shirts involves a choice of fabric, whether it is a blend of 50/50 polyester / cotton, or 100% cotton, cotton twill or polyester. It is important to know the composition of your fabric selection as the better embroidery companies such as True to Size Apparel will create the embroidery file to work best with that fabric. There is a difference however subtle, and you want to get the most out of your corporate uniforms wherever you can. The cost of embroidery does not increase because of your file changes, as embroidered logos are priced by how many stitches you use to sew your graphic.

Embroidered custom dress or event logo embroidery shirts are an important part of your marketing plan, so please take the extra time to get a sew out of your logo before investing in a production of a non-returnable custom manufactured order. At True to Size Apparel you can ask that your sewn logo be mailed to you on the fabric color desired or go a step further and pay the shipping & take the time to actually get the garment or bag of choice embroidered to confirm logo size and location.

True to Size offers an Embroidery Buyer's Guide that we sell on for their Kindle or is yours for free on our website. That guide asks & answers many questions that novice or expert embroidery buyers will find useful.

There is no such thing as a rush charge here as all orders are treated that way. The location of your logo can do a lot to enhance the visibility and rememberability (is that a word?) of your investment. Inspiration may lead you to consider placing your embroidered logo on the collar, top or side shoulder or upper back yoke. Get the most out of your mobile billboard (employee) and build your brand one smile at a time. Count on True to Size Apparel as we have over 100 styles of polos at the lowest prices anywhere in the USA.

Free shipping is available and there is no minimum order requirement.