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Embroidery Services  Businesses near :True to Size Apparel

Embroidery Services Businesses near :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Embroidery services businesses online

There are about 150,000 embroidery and screen printing services businesses in the United States, and they sell about six billion dollars in garments and decorating services each year. Most of these embroidery businesses work out of their garage or basement, and both display and deliver their products and services in a manner similar to that of an Avon representative.

As a result of the recent downturn in the economy, many of these businesses have sold their customer list to mega-embroiderers and work as commission sales people. That unfortunate reality to them has an upside to you as you are no longer working with a local vendor. You are being sold by a local sales rep who has signed a non-compete agreement with the mega company. You are no longer their customer.

That upside is that you can shop the Internet and see if you have been trading a cozy relationship for cash. Were you paying too much? Were you given too few choices of garment styles? Did you have to buy too many pieces or wait too long?

Lots of good questions are on a list the fine people at True to Size Apparel has for you on their FREE embroidery buyer's guide, a downloadable file that is a mere mouse click away. After a quick review, you can ask everyone some important questions now that you are armed with the embroidery trade's lingo.

The online embroidery store at True to Size Apparel is proud of the fact that they never require a rush charge, has over two thousand styles of garments for your consideration and only charge $2.99 to sew a 5,000 stitch logo. Perhaps today is the perfect time to review embroidery businesses and hopefully we will be in that review process.

When asking yourself if there are embroidery services near me, keep in mind that we deliver faster and at a lower price than almost any decorated work clothing company, no matter how close they are to you. We also offer free shipping and no minimum order.