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Embroidery Prices. When shopping for :True to Size Apparel

Embroidery Prices. When shopping for :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Embroidery Prices

When shopping for custom logo embroidery, one of the factors in determining your total delivered cost is that of embroidery prices. Embroidery prices consist of stitch count, quantity of items to be embroidered, an item's bulk and setup or digitizing. The cost of the garments or bags plus delivery are also factors.

Looking at the service part of your order, embroidery prices are determined primarily by the number of stitches it takes to sew your custom logo. Embroidery machines are expensive and are limited by the number of heads on the machine, from one to fifteen heads, each with up to twelve sewing needles filled with thread. The embroidery company knows the life cost of their machine, including maintenance, purchase price, plus the hiring and the training of an embroidery machine operator. Those costs are added up, and a cost per stitch is determined. That cost plus a profit is what you are asked to pay.


To keep it simple, most embroidery companies have a minimum cost, as they know what it costs to put a hoop on a customer specific location and set the thread colors to sew your custom logo. True to Size Apparel has a 5,000 stitch or less minimum price of only $2.99 per logo embroidered. That means if your logo or letter is 2,512 stitches, you will be asked to pay $2.99 per item embroidered. True to Size Apparel charges sixty cents for stitches from 1 to 1,000 over the 5,000 stitch minimum. If your customized logo for that favorite polo shirt or jacket is 5,090 stitches, you will be asked to pay $3.59 for item sewn. Our price list is that simple.

Greek letters are also charged by the stitch count. The larger the letter, the more stitches it takes to embroider. A stitch count is determined once the size of your custom logo is known and from there the price is easy to determine. True to Size Apparel's embroidery price list is simple: $2.99 minimum for the first 5,000 stitches & 60¢ per extra group of 1 to 1,000 extra stitches. We sew for other small embroiderers who may have large orders that their equipment cannot handle, and all customers get the contract letter embroidery prices. That's just how we roll.

True to Size Apparel embroiders in Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey and Florida; depending upon the brand of shirts or bags ordered and the destination address. Our goal is to deliver at the lowest cost of shipping at the quickest delivery time possible. Our customers are found around the world and count on us for a delivered price that is less than they can pay in their own country with a quality worthy of their investment.