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Embroidery on Clothing. On the face of :True to Size Apparel

Embroidery on Clothing. On the face of :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Embroidery on Clothing

On the face of it all it seems like embroidery on clothing is a topic that is self explanatory. My response is yes and no to that. The answer breaks down to (1) How and (2) What.

How personalized embroidery is created on workwear and other clothing is a multi-step process, starting with a decision as to whether you seek a simple text, such as a monogram or a specific or generic font. True to Size Apparel has many generic or "house" fonts that allows the buyer to have a limited menu of choices for the appearance of their text without having to pay a digitizing or setup for a specific font. That can save you $50 anywhere else in the United States and about $8 at True to Size Apparel for not using a custom or non-house font.

If you are custom embroidering a person's name or something unique to each garment or item, that can add up to a lot of money for custom fonts and custom sewing per item. Some of our customers feel the custom order is worth every penny as it is deemed an investment in their brand. We are there for those with that need. The custom font customer can use any document processing software such as Microsoft's Word and type out exactly what they want. True to Size Apparel will scan the completed text and create the necessary digitized file for the embroidery machines.

If you are wanting to order embroidery of your company or team logo on clothing, then you need a camera ready (finished) logo. That is custom art and needs to be digitized. Most companies charge about $90 for something that True to Size Apparel charges $8 for. Why the price discrepancy? They know most embroidery buyers are new to the process and are unfamiliar with how to purchase the service. That is why True to Size Apparel gives away an Embroidery Buyer's Guide you can download for free before you buy embroidery from anyone.

As to the what, True to Size Apparel can give you a higher quality of finished embroidery if you are willing to buy the right file for the right fabric. Cotton sews a bit differently to experts in the business, when compared to the result of your embroidered logo on polyester. True to Size Apparel can make the desired change in file quality for only $20 extra per fabric type. We are THAT good.