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Embroidery of Business names falls into:True to Size Apparel

Embroidery of Business names falls into:True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Embroidery of Business Names

Embroidery of business names falls into two categories. One is the firm's actual name and the other is employees of a business.

The embroidery of a firm's business name is not to be confused with a logo of a business, or not. Here is where it becomes important to be specific. If you ask for the cost and time to embroider a business name, a good question to be asked or to be answered is whether the firm's name is using a specific font, does the firm have an established logo?

For companies that have a specific font that they are using for letterhead, business cards or signs, they should stay with that "look" or font and have that name digitized so that your look is constant throughout your firm. That is what "branding" is all about when you go about the process of marketing your company. If you have not established that "look" or font, now may be the time to be serious about that and picking a font you can use for all of the aforementioned purposes. The best way to get your font is to open up a Microsoft Word or similar word processing program and scroll down the list until you find a desirable look. Write that font name down and print a large and small version of that font as a PDF file so that you or others can scan that image for your logo embroidery.

If you mean to embroider employee names on their uniforms, then the turnover rate in all businesses is such that you should save money and get the "house" font that may be close to your font. You do not want to spend on a digitizing cost for each unique name, unless you are convinced that it is worth it for your marketing plans to be successful. True to Size Apparel does not charge a setup / digitizing fee for a business's employee names, as long as you pick from a list of house fonts. Otherwise, you are looking at prices that range from $8 to $80 to custom digitize one person's name.

Once that is settled, do realize that employee name embroidery takes time. An order of almost any size must wait until all of the individual names are embroidered. Care is taken by the embroiderer to be certain to match the your order size / garment color / garment size so that a size large shirt is not embroidered with a name that was ordered to be on a size small, etc.

Be sure to give yourself the additional time needed to successfully complete these detailed custom sewing orders, as haste makes waste. It is nice to know that you have no minimum order requirement when seeking to order embroidery of company names on apparel.