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Embroidery Hats. The custom logo embro :True to Size Apparel

Embroidery Hats. The custom logo embro :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Embroidery Hats

The custom logo embroidery look on a hat is very popular, as a knitted, fitted, baseball or trucker hat gives your business or team logo the best chance to be seen by others. Short of a tattoo on your forehead or a specially designed pair of sun glasses, the hat is where your brand should be at!

The number of hat styles is impressive, and you should start with that selection right away when seeking embroidery hats. You can save money when you purchase a hat with a hook & loop / Velcro adjustment on the back, which is a lot cheaper and more readily worn by most (one size fits most), than fitted hats made for explicit circumference, such as "7 7/8"  or  "small/medium" size. The nice thing about buying at True to Size Apparel is that there is no minimum order quantity requirement and everyone gets the wholesale deal. If you are buying sized hats, I would recommend that you buy a few for your staff to put on to get the sizing right. A bit of planning will save you from disappointment when you realize that sizes are not constant throughout the garment industry and that a size small may not be the same in each style.

You can reduce the cost of your embroidery if one of the logo colors is substituted by the hat's fabric color. Why sew a color when it can already be there? Then there is the fabric itself as you can save money with cotton or opt for the moisture wicking benefit of a polyester.

Do you have a logo already digitized? Most buyers do not know that the digital file for hat embroidery is different than the file used to embroider shirts or other flat surface garments. You will be happier with the results when your logo is setup for hats. If you do not have a logo, the free logo design studio at True to Size Apparel is available online. The logo design studio also creates a PNG file so that your logo can be digitized. Digitizing is a process also known as "setup" and is an executable software program that instructs an embroidery machine to sew your garment, moving an arm under as many as twelve sewing needles. Some companies charge up to $120 for a 5,000 stitch logo to be digitized, while True to Size Apparel charges a wholesale price of only $7.77 for the exact same result.

Location of a logo on a cap is limited by how close to the bill you can place the embroidery "hoop" and how close to the edge of the fabric on the back, near eyelets, etc. A logo should be no higher than 2.25 inches and a width of four inches or less. You can embroider on the back and sides, but be sure you are not sewing over a manufacturer's logo such as the Nike swoosh.

There is no minimum order quantity requirement and free shipping is available.