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Embroidery Companies are not created :True to Size Apparel

Embroidery Companies are not created :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Embroidery Companies

The next time you consider placing an order for custom logo embroidery companies, it is good to know that there are over 120,000 embroidery companies in the United States.

It is a wise buyer indeed who every purchase order carefully, as if it were their own, knowing that their performance bonus or available funds for other purchases depends upon it!

  • It has always been done this way is a terrible thing to hear.
  • Things change, opportunity knocks.
  • We should always take time to listen for the knocking.

True to Size Apparel does things a little better, at a lower cost and with the speed that others marvel (customers) or curse (competitors).

Compare what True to Size Apparel has to offer to your existing uniform embroidery company.
Then ask yourself if you are ready for a change for something a lot better.

You can have it all. I used to think that as a buyer, I had to choose a lower price such as that at K Mart, or higher service and quality product by shopping at a Nordstrom.

How horribly wrong I was.

True to Size Apparel was founded by a principle that a company can delight the buyer - giving them / you a lower price by keeping operating costs down, while providing name brand products and world class service to drive sales up.

True to Size Apparel

  • Choose from over 40 name brands, 2,000 styles of shirts, pants, jackets, hats and other team and uniform accessories.
  • Embroider your custom logo for as little as $2.99 per item, per location.
  • No minimum order requirement.
  • FREE shipping for orders of $80 or more.
  • FREE USPS Priority Mail delivery of your logo sewn on fabric for review before order placement.
  • $25 digitizing / setup of ANY size logo.
  • FREE books you can download to help potential customers learn the various fabric and embroidery industry trade talk, so as to make more informed decisions.

True to Size Apparel is the ONLY custom logo uniform supplier to exhibit at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and only one of a handful to exhibit at the International Restaurant Association in Chicago.

True to Size Apparel has published more than five hundred videos on YouTube and on our shopping cart. The goal at True to Size Apparel is to provide a video of every garment and bag on our online    store.

Virtual shopping satisfies most questions regarding fit and finish of clothing, allowing customers to shop online and getting their order right the first time.

No other embroidery company does more to satisfy a customer the first time

  • Wear Today – Pay Later
    No Payments for six months
    No Interest for six months
    For orders of $99 or greater